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It's been awhile and I can't be the only one in need of cheering up post-election. See and post ideas inside.
update: board game night on the 17th at 6pm, Triggerfinger is hosting
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Fun! Everything sounds good to me. I'm out of town Dec 9, 10, 11, but other than that should be good.

80s movies or one of the shows would be neat. Mix it up a little.
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Sounds good to me! I can't do this weekend, but most of my other weekends are open. All of the activities look good to me!
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I see the rest of you lurking in the 'Maybe' bar. Any suggestions or preferences?
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I waved my arms excitedly in the air just like Kermit the frog when I saw the words board games, but most of the things on the list look fun/new to me.
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Oooh! I have board game nights at my house semi-regularly! We don't have to do it this time, but if anyone else likes them, I'm ALWAYS down for a board game night! (Not including Risk, which, sadly, I am not yet mature enough to play.)
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I'm up for a board game night!
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Sounds like we're converging on board game night, which I'm down for. All of the other proposed activities sound good to me too if we end up doing more than one. Though I saw the UMN CSE winter light show last year and it was kind of meh. (Maybe I shouldn't say that because I'm literally employed by the UMN CSE.)
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Board game night it is! Triggerfinger, is your prior offer to host still good? If not I can do it, or we could meet at Mischief or Fantasy Flight or something.

Next Thursday's 80s movie is Howard the Duck, which is said to be catastrophically bad. After that they are showing Flight of the Navigator (12/15) and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (12/22), both solid choices. The January picks look good too.
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(TBH I am 100% ready and willing for catastrophically bad movie choices...)
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Sure, we can do it at my house. I have two dogs, but there's a 99% chance I will take them to a dogsitter that night so they don't drive everyone nuts (just want to mention that in case someone might have some sort of allergy or other issue with dog fur).

How would two weeks from tonight (the 17th) work? I live in NE Mpls. I could get food if everyone just wants to bring whatever you want to drink. If anyone has any kind of food preferences (veggie, allergies, etc), either let me know here or memail me.
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car full of lions - haha, fair point! And it does star Minnesota native Lea Thompson after all.

triggerfinger - thanks! 12/17 works for me (and personally I think dogs are a feature not a bug but others' mileage may vary) and I can help with drinks and/or snacks.

I'll make a new event for the movie and leave this one open for now as a placeholder.
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Okay! Anyone who is planning on coming, either say so here or send me a memail/text and I will send you my address. If that date works for everyone, I'm thinking around 6pm if that sounds okay?
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I was all in for the board games and then I saw it was for the 17th, which is when I've got tickets for "Fun Home." Sorry to miss this one; can't wait till next board game meetup.
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TrishaLynn, we could always do more than one, is there a date that works best for you? I could host the week after Christmas if that's not too soon, or sometime in January.

Also, here is the upcoming Como Dockside 80s movie schedule (all Thursday nights). If people are interested in a certain date/film I'll create a new meetup.

12/15 - Flight of the Navigator
12/22 - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
12/29 - The Adventures of Milo and Otis
1/5 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1/12 - Jaws the Revenge
1/19 - Karate Kid II
1/26 - Robocop
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It might be fun to see y'all on the week between Christmas and New Year's, but not NYE itself. (Also, re: "Fun Home" it turns out that my tickets are for the 15th, but then I was invited to a Winter Solstice party which also will have board games at it, so...)
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If there's something else coming up in the next couple week I'd be interested! I haven't been to an IRL in a long time, and never in MN!
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I can host game night anytime next week. Someone nominate a day and I'll make meatballs and if the polar vortex returns we can burn million-dollar bills from Trump the Game in the woodstove.
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