Calgary Christmas MeFiMeet!
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'Cause we might as well!
Hey gang,

I know we've tossed the idea around of having another meetup soon, since the last one was such a hoot - feels like about the right time to get the ball rolling on that!

It would be great to do something together during the festive season. Even better would be if we could time things so that aegispolis could join in.... he's a classic Calgarian mefite!

To that end - what does everyone think about Dec 27? Seems wise to try for something AFTER Christmas, when we all stand a reasonable chance of being free.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
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Not yet sure of plans between Christmas and New Year; but if i am in town, I am there!
posted by nubs at 9:24 AM on November 27, 2016

I love hoots! Sadly, I'm out of town for the entire greater Xmas/NYE period, but I'm in for the next one in February or so!
posted by Homeboy Trouble at 4:36 PM on November 27, 2016

Didn't make the last one unfortunately. Would love to attend, however out of town Dec 22nd-30th.
posted by arcticseal at 2:24 PM on November 28, 2016

I'm not going anywhere, so I'm pretty easy on dates and things.
posted by sagc at 2:09 PM on November 29, 2016

OK, great! Thanks for getting back to me, everyone.

It now looks like I'm going to be busy on the 27th. And if it's better for arcticseal, maybe we can move the date around a bit. How would Dec 20 or 21 look for everyone?
posted by CarrotAdventure at 6:06 PM on December 13, 2016

I could likely make it for a little while one of those nights
posted by nubs at 6:29 PM on December 13, 2016

Either of those is good for me.
posted by sagc at 2:19 PM on December 14, 2016

An idea: would anyone be interested in coming to an East coast-style kitchen party on the 21st? I guess that's this Wednesday - whoa! The month has really flown by!

I play with a gaggle folks every Wednesday at Fionn McCool's in Eau Claire market every Wednesday night. This Wednesday (the 21st) is our last session for the year, so it promises to be a real hoot. If anyone has an aversion to fiddle music, though, this might not be an ideal venue, haha.

We could meet a little bit before the music fires up, so that I am not tied up with that & can properly visit & chat. But if anyone wants to stick around for the music, they easily can. The music usually starts around 9pm, so how about we meet for 7:30?

Apologies for the short notice, lemme know whatcha think!
posted by CarrotAdventure at 7:06 PM on December 18, 2016

UPDATE: It looks like I'm gonna be busy on the 27th now.

A thought: does anyone have plans for NYE? I'm not up to anything so far.
posted by CarrotAdventure at 11:12 AM on December 25, 2016

So, this didn't really happen then?
posted by arcticseal at 9:07 AM on January 5, 2017

I think it kinda fell apart. The holidays are hard for meetups is my takeaway.

Maybe we should try for late January?
posted by nubs at 10:10 AM on January 6, 2017

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