FUCK 2016: Catharsis by the Beach
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Fri December 16 at 7:00 PM, St Kilda Beach
St Kilda beach, Victoria, Australia (Map & Directions)
Personally or politically, 2016 was THE WORST. Let's say good fucking riddance to it.
Current plan is to meet up at St Kilda Beach and do either a bonfire or some kind of water-based release of everything we want to let go of in 2016. Heartbreak, terrible politicians, bad luck, stress, deaths, whatever. Then let's share what we want to keep from 2016 (because I'm sure there were a few things worth keeping) and what we want to bring in for 2017.

I have some ideas on how to facilitate this, but I am open to suggestion. This event is open to all from any background and won't be specifically spiritual (well, unless you consider Yelling At God a kind of spirituality, in which case you do you).

Food would be good also, perhaps a potluck?

Right now it's "ETC" instead of "Meetup" because I'm also inviting non-Mefites, so bring your friends if you want.
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I'm interested, but is there any chance of having it on the 18th? I'm pretty sure my brother and his family leave earlier that day for holidays overseas. A shaking off of a difficult and shitty 2016 at the beginning of two weeks of solitude would be nice.

(I might have my family's dates wrong. I think it's the 17th or 18th. Still might be the 16th. Basically I'll join if it's possible, but the 16th might not work.)
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michswiss: I've already gotten a fair few people say they'll come on the 16th so I'm not entirely sure if I can change it, but I'll keep you posted!
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I'll have already left for Christmas vacation at this point, but it's a brilliant idea.
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Assuming no random difficulties or events that I have obligated myself to that are as yet TBA which then happen to occur on the 16th (possible, but unlikely) I should be able to attend.
I'll get myself a banishing wand.
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Hi - what a lovely idea. I will try to get there.
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I'm basically a MeFi neophyte, and don't know anyone, but I'd like to come!
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It looks like somewhere near Luna Park / Donovans on the beach would be the best bet, but I'll update if that changes!
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