Sydney. Dinner. January.
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Sun January 15 at 6:30 PM, The Oaks
118 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia (Map & Directions)
Hello hello! I have been hanging around here for a few years now but I've never made it to an IRL event. Next month is probably stupid busy for most, but what about dinner sometime in January?
I think a bunch of you are in the inner west so maybe Courthouse? But if you'd like to come across the bridge, the Oaks beer garden is a stunner on a summer's evening. Open to other suggestions.

Fridays and Saturdays are too hectic for me. Can we do a weeknight or a Sunday?
Shall we start the bidding at Thursday 12th or Sunday 15th?

Who's in?

Edit: Great! I'm moving this to a confirmed event for January 15th at the Oaks.
Looking forward to meeting!
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I'd be up for this! The 15th is probably better for me too.
posted by Quilford at 12:07 AM on November 22, 2016 [1 favorite]

I'm tentatively up for it, though we may be in Melbourne at some stage (dates tbd). Either date could be wangled to work for me!
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I'd be keen. Both those dates work for me.
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I can't do either of those dates (I'm out of town) but if it changes to any weekend after I could. Otherwise I will just wait til the next one. And yes, the Oaks is awesome, I used to live next door to it!
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Sounds lovely, but I'll be in New Zealand from the seventh until the twenty second or so. My iPad has mysteriously stopped letting me access the number keyboard, hence the weird spelling out of dates.
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Tentative yes for either date and place!
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Tentative yes from me too.
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I'm interested. Thursday is likely more doable for me than Sunday.
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I'm in. CUNY
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Sounds good!
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Ah bummer, that used to be just up the road from me! I will be unlikely to be able to come but I will happily think of Internet peoples at my old local :-)
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Sunday is much better for me.

The Courty is very handy, being my local and all, but that's a good reason to go somewhere different for a change.
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Just saw this. Would prefer Courty too but can probably travel over the bridge..
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You guys, it's this week!! THIS WEEK
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Happy new year! I hope you are all in air con or partially submerged somewhere nice today!

If it's raining on Sunday, let's meet in the bar & grill; it's the room with the meat fridge in it. Otherwise let's be out in that beer garden.

How will we find each other? I will bring something ridiculous to put on our table.

I am also bringing my husband so please bring your favourite +1s if you like.

Looking forward to seeing you all!
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I just changed the time because I can't get there for 6 and I had to change something to trigger a group email as a kind of reminder!
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Bugger. Something's come up and I won't make it.
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Argh, I'm also going to have to back out of this at the last minute. Very very sorry and I hope I can see all you lovely peeps soon ):
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Sorry, I'm out too, am ill.
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Slackers. I'm about to get on the bus, be there a few minutes after 6.30.
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Such an outbreak of piking. We shall catch you next time, folks.
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