Hello Beijing!
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Mr. Fig and I will be in Beijing Nov 18 - 26 , with very little planned to do. I thought I'd throw this out here to see if any Mefites would be interested in meeting up anywhere in this timeframe!
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I'd be keen!

Saturday the 19th or Sunday the 20th would work. Some ideas:

- a local gig on Saturday the 19th (some great bands playing) at School Bar: 53 Wudaoying Hutong (五道营胡同53号)

- One of Beijing's microbreweries? I'm partial to Arrow Factory or Slow Boat.

- Delicious Lijiang food at Yi Zuo Yi Wang
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We land at 3:45 pm on Saturday, and I imagine we'll want to get to the hotel and crash. Sunday night I reserved tickets to comedy night at The Bookworm, if that looks like something you'd be interested in?

If not, we can certainly meet before then, either for a beer or dinner.

I'm so happy someone replied to this!
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I can probably make it to that! If not, maybe beers after? The Slow Boat brewery is right down the road from the Bookworm, so that might work perfect.

Wechat would be the best way to coordinate, since just about every non-Chinese website (except Metafilter, yay!) is blocked. My ID on Wechat is my full name (as on my profile page) as one word, no spaces.
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Sounds great! I just signed up for WeChat, and sent you a request.
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