What is to be done?
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If you're done venting, preferably using venues that don't give anyone fodder for gloating, and want to talk about doing something, anything, on the left bank of the Charles River, shall we get together for coffee and talk about it? Proposing December 9th, 8 PM
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Please say more about your vision for this meetup if you can.
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Anything other than venting. Literally anything.

Personally, I'm hoping to discuss ways of ramping up scrutiny, criticism, and plain old contempt for Trump, in ways that will burst through filter bubbles.
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Maybe we can get together lists of possible actions (e.g. open local seats to run for, volunteer opportunities, etc.) and get them together, then pick a few to do.
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I personally would like some legal framework on the things that experts (or amateurs) are most worried about him attempting that would erode our democracy. Is there a "Strongmen for dummies" playbook that other dictators have employed? How do we prepare for the first steps in losing the power to vote him out in 2020 or ever?

Really glad to be planning a discussion in person. I'm done with internet for a while.
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I want to come but will be out of town till the 21st. I will subscribe for updates.
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After the 21st sounds good to me too.
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Allright, one idea to put forward, especially since we are not where it's needed, and thus can plan it by stealth:

RidesToTheDMV.org, a website and fund that helps voters without ID fix that well ahead of the next election.

Target NC, WI, TX, et cetera. Coordinate rides to the DMV and financial assistance for those who will lose precious work hours getting this done.
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Also, let's talk venue..

True Grounds?
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It's kinda tight in there. I like it, but I don't remember many large tables.
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True. And we have 22 interested.

We need coffee, space, and acoustics. So many places fail that 3rd criterion, though.
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Bloc 11 in Union Square has a back room and decent coffee. I'll be visiting in early December if you all are having another meetup then?
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Similar with Diesel, which is not too loud at night.
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Why do it in a coffee shop? Why not a library or a conference room at an apartment building? It's probably cheaper than 22 lattes.
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I second Potomac's idea of having it in a library conference space. You can bring coffee into library conference rooms. (Or at least I have before.) Some Dunkin Donuts (Waverley Square in Belmont, for example) have conference rooms that you can use.

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Okay. Medford Square library? December 2nd?
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You should call or email the Medford Public Library Main Branch and check to make sure they have the accommodations; also be aware that libraries close early on Fridays.
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Cambridge Main definitely has meeting rooms, if Medford doesn't.
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Allright. Republican in laws heading in for the holiday. Thank God for Sav-Mor liquors. Down periscope. Contact to resume after. ocschwar out
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31 maybes, no consensus, 3 weeks post election.

I'm not sure what the agenda for this meetup would look like at this point. I'd be happy to talk a bit about the Louisiana Senate/Foster Campbell runoff election and the volunteering that is going on to that front, and encourage each of you to get involved before the election 12/10.

If you have a specific project that you want to present, and you're looking for helpers to that end, please post in this thread some detail and if you'd be wiling to chat/present with this group.

If we're just commiserating and networking, we could just as easily do this at a bar most weeknights and forgo the requirement that we have full on Formal Presentation Space.

Taters trivia is in inman square tonight 12/1 and might be a good option if you're here to network and plot.

If all else fails we could appoint a time to meet up in Chat, or post things to Projects?
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enfa, I'd be interested to hear about the runoff election and what's needed. Where time is tight, please memail me if you'd be up for a phone call sooner rather than later -- if you get me up to speed, I'd be willing to help if there's a good way I can.

In general, I'm someone who has hated, been intimidated by, and avoided current events/politics my whole life. Now, I find myself with much interest in helping somehow, but even more ignorance that makes me feel useless and ashamed. My dream meeting would be where people who know enough could tell me decent baby step uses for my energy. E.g., what letters, to what representatives, are worth writing? Is there phone calling I can do even though I can't speak knowledgeably to the issues? I wish I'd done more before the election, and I want a way to turn that regret into action, but starting small. If no one who attends knows, my runner-up wish would be to buddy up with a person or few to figure it out with, at the meeting and/or in an ongoing way afterwards.

So, I don't know what anyone else is looking for, but that's my ideal. I hope we do meet.
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Cool! memailed daisyace, huzzah.

memailed ocschwar but have not heard back.
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I think that the "maybes" on this list are thinking, "well what is this meetup supposed to be?" before going all-in. To me, I was envisioning someplace where we could talk amongst ourselves, maybe have a whiteboard with ideas, yadda yadda, come up with things we could actually do and ways we can make a difference, during our everyday lives at our own will.

So for instance, I care about all of this stuff, but don't have the spacetime in my life to research and direct my energies towards these issues like I'd want. But if you told me to call Liz Warren and say, "Hey, Senate Resolution eleventeen is shit because $REASONS," I'd do it. Takes 30 seconds, simple.

But it gets foggy after that. How do we do that, on a local/community level, and not get signed onto a mailing list where 67% of all the email is "send $5 a month" and we start getting phone calls? That's what I was hoping this meetup would address, if it happens.
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FOR INSTANCE! I haven't seen this on MeFi, since I have been avoiding all of the Trump threads as I would nightclub toilet swimming (except for a deleted post I made about a standup comic seated next to Eric Trump on a plane), but I'll post it here – it's an list of resources you can use to take Action Against Trump in your daily lives:

"Concrete Action" Resources: The following is a list of resources that either recommend or discuss concrete actions citizens can take against President-Elect Donald Trump. I have compiled this list using a mixture of my own research and tips I've received via social media groups and email.
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Should we start the first meeting by each bringing a list of concrete things that people can do and a list of the kind of things they'd like to do? (Both lists can be empty.) And then aggregate them during the meeting, take a look at the aggregation, then decide next steps?

Also, perhaps we should just book something and see if someone comes?

Informal poll: What's an easier to make?

– Medford public library
– Cambridge main public library
– Somerville main public library

Please chime in!
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Medford for me but I'd be open to anything.
I think book a time and place and let's see what occurs given personnel and resources. I'm without a job right now so I'd love to be told to show up somewhere and start lifting heavy boxes to stop trump though I know that's not exactly feasible.
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I pinged a bunch of people via memail to come back to this thread and regain momentum.

I don't have a strong preference for any of these venues. My gut would be a venue close to the Red Line as it is late fall and some people don't have cars. Somerville Davis library does not really have much in the way of meeting space; somerville main is bus acessible. Medford public is a hike from the red line, but bus accessible.

Cambridge main has limited parking but is close to the Harvard T stop.

I think a good approach would be to pick a date/time and find 5 people who will commit to come and figure out what their transit/parking needs are. Then pick a venue accordingly. And if that doesnt work for some folks, they can pitch another date/time.
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Since it seems that finding a meeting space is proving difficult, I'd be happy to host this at my place. It's about an 8 minute walk from the Davis T stop and there should be be plenty of place for people as long as we're a bit flexible about seating. This weekend and the week of 12/12 would be tough for me, but the weekend of 12/17 or any weekday evening that week would work. I think it's important that we note down a concrete agenda before the meeting though. I went to Mayor Curtatone's Sanctuary City meeting and left feeling a bit dissatisfied because while the Mayor said all the things I was hoping he would say, their wasn't enough in the way of a concrete plan of action. I think many people are feeling that they want to do something and are not sure how to direct their energy.
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Has anyone here actually tried to reserve spaces at any of these libraries before? I just tried and failed to find any relevant information on the Medford Library website. We had tried to reserve space once at Cambridge Public for a work thing (one of my team is a Cambridge resident), and they told her space could only be reserved for events that were open to the public.
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