Maine Cheerup Get Together
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Sat December 10 at 2:00 PM, Dobra Tea
89 Exchange St, Portland, ME, USA (Map & Directions)
Ok well that election was a shitshow. Anyone in the Portland/Southern Maine area want to get together December 10th and have a lowkey cheerup chat/snack?
I was thinking about Dobra Tea since it is extremely chill, but I'd also be up for, say, BBQ/Beer if that's more everyone's speed.

Reasonably Everything Happens recently moved here and I thought it might be nice to welcome him to the area as well.
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Count me in.
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I'd be down for that. We're up in Leeds, now, on a lake, btw. Tiny cabin, huge hearts. Let us know where and when you decide, I'll definitely try to make it.
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I might be up for this, as well. I've been meaning to get together with the MeFites who helped me figure out how to buy a house up here last November!
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I'd love this. I've somehow not yet made it to Dobra Tea, so it would be a great chance to try it out.
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We'll probably be up for this, toddler willing. Weekends are much better.
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So, since Dobra has tea and snacks I'd suggest either mid-morning or afternoon. (They don't really do full meals).

In terms of weekends... let's try a Saturday? I'm around for Thanksgiving but I would guess many won't be, so perhaps December 3rd or December 10th? And let's say afternoon.
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I'm around after Thanksgiving, too, in case that ends up being workable. Likely busy on Dec 3rd but the 10th works!
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Good timing, I think this is the one weekend in December I got.

I haven't been to Dobra, but sounds comfy. I also could defer for bbq&beer.
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Ok, I've set the time and date. If y'all would rather do in the morning, though, let me know. Otherwise see you then!
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Hi all. Just bumping this thread as the meetup is Saturday... Let me know if you are still able to make it. Thanks!
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I'm so sorry I missed this! I ended up having to go away for work at the last minute. I hope you had a great time though.
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