Election night?
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Hey all, any plans to watch the election in the Twin Cities on Tuesday?
I googled "election watch party minneapolis" and the top hit is at the Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown with Ilhan Omar, who will probably be our first female Muslim representative and America's first Somali-American legislator! On the other hand there are also plenty of other places to hang out on election night.

Given how much time I've sunk into reading the election threads I'd much rather spend election night with MeFites than anyone else. Who's with me?
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I work until 8 and won't be back in the cities until 9, so put me down as a light maybe for wherever we decide on.
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I'm volunteering as an election judge a few blocks away from my house and might be able to make a meetup, but my hubs is also volunteering to be on the anti-voter suppression hotline which will cover Minnesota, Iowa, Missori, and Nebraska and since there are different closing times for the polls, I don't know if we'd be able to make it. Plus, I think he wants to be able to drink in the safety of his own home when he gets done with his shift and I need to be here to make sure he doesn't overdo.
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I'll be an election judge as well, so odds are I'll be busy until at least 9pm (polls close at 8 and we still have to do all of the verification/counting/packing up stuff). Herr Vortex is a judge at another precinct. We'll probably stumble home and fall into bed and find out the results when we wake up at noon the next day.

But I hope that you all will have a good time, regardless of results!
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Welp, I got asked by an IRL friend to go to 44 Plays for 44 Presidents, so I guess that's where I'll be. Have fun everybody!
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I was just coming to post about that play! The kid and I will be there also.
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