Wilmington, DE Adventure Club
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Let's show 'em there's things to do in Wilmington! (Thereby disproving my high school theory that Delaware is just an excuse to have a round 50 states.)
Hey MeFites! I have a job that now has me in Wilmington, DE during the workweek. My coworkers say there's nothing to do here and it's really boring, but they've got to be wrong. I'm sure there's something interesting going on here, we just have to dig for it. Or start it.

I figure if I find the MeFites, I find the fun. (And get to hang out with people other than my coworkers, for once.)

Here's what's on my list of things to look into, and it might even be worth making this into a sort of scavenger hunt:
- figure out what's weird on local cable access TV, and visit the station
- find a lively salsa club
- talk to the folks at the Historical Society
- bike around the local riverfronts (even if it's cold)
- meet whoever it was that painted the mural on Market that talks about "a corporate town that avoids responsibilities"
- meet the people who are taking care of the community garden
- find out what the kids at the design school are up to
- invite local professors, librarians, and other nerds over for a Salon
- figure out where there's good local hiking
- visit the Polish Library Association
- start shit with people in the local tech meetups
- laser tag?

Any other ideas? Who wants to join me?
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When you say has you in DE during the work week, does that mean every work week for the next while or just this week? This week is nuts for me, but I often have odd days off during the week and I'm down for a day trip in from Philly.
posted by ActionPopulated at 2:19 AM on October 30, 2016

I live in Wilmington but work in the suburbs, so I am not usually around town weekdays. But I can do things in the evenings and if you give me enough notice I can usually take days off.

I'm always interested in historical stuff (I haven't been to the Delaware History Museum since it reopened). There is some nice light hiking in the local state parks.
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I'm one of those local professors and my wife's one of those librarians. Depending on the activity and time, we could possibly be in....
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Sorry so slow on this -- in the interim, adventuring with co-workers took me to the climbing gym in Bear, where I broke my ankle :( so I'm laid up for a bit (though this means I'm also in DE on weekends for a while.)

ActionPopulated, I do mean every week for probably most of the year, so we have time! Interplanetjanet, I also would love to do a trip to the historical society.
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I'm going to be at the historical society this Saturday to volunteer at a play if your ankle is up to it! But I will go back again anytime.
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