Old Post Office protest for a certain hotel
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Wed October 26 at 9:00 AM, The Old Post Office
1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
There's a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new hotel at 11:00 AM. I'm not sure when protests will start but I will be by there around 9 AM on my way to work.
I plan on just hang around and taking photos for a little while, since I've got to get to work shortly after.. You're welcomed to come just to say hi if you're in the area! Or you could also come when the ceremony starts and report back here (or in the current election thread).
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This is really neat! I can't come because it's bagel day (all staff meeting) at work but thank you for posting!
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I have it from a close source that a union rep beat Trump to the sidewalk permits, so at least some protesters should be able to be close in.
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I can't, but my dad's going to be nearby, so I let him know.
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Circumstances made me late for work, so I couldn't stop off :-(. If anyone made it please share photos!
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I'm about to walk over to the regular post office next door, will update if there's anything going on.
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Okay, looks like about a hundred people (bad at estimating, for what it's worth. It's a small area). A big SHAME ON TRUMP banner from the labor dispute folks with lots of signs advocating for a boycott of the hotel and demanding negotiations at the Las Vegas location, lots of signs against racism (and some specifically anti-muslim racism). Lots of news broadcasters, too. No pro-Trump people that I could see, but an suv drove by and a bro in a Denver Broncos hat and jersey leaned out the window to yell "trump rules, vote for trump!" which, I want to know where someone is going at 11am on a Tuesday in downtown DC dressed like that.
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Totally uninteresting details below!

I stopped by on my lunch break and hung around for about 10 minutes. I was across the alley (11th) from the bulk of the protesters. Most of the people around me were either professional photographers (some with media credentials, some probably freelance) or looky-loos like myself. After about 5 minutes (12:30ish), the side doors opened and security began to let people out in trickles. Some had passes with MEDIA stamped on them, some had passes with VIP stamped on them. There was one guy in a MAGA hat. Nobody paid them any mind; the crowd just parted ways to let them through.

There was a heavy police presence. About half of the cops were wearing "military green" outfits and flak jackets with POLICE printed on the back, though it wasn't clear from the uniforms if they were DC cops, or what.
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Coulda been protective services, given the uniform and circumstances of the event.
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