Tokyo traveler + you??
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Thu December 8 at 7:30 PM, Watering Hole
5 Chome-26-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 151-0051, Japan (Map & Directions)
I'm coming to Tokyo and would love to meet other MeFites.
Based on feedback, let's try for beers at Watering Hole on Thursday, December 8th. I'm proposing 7:30, but open to whenever!
(Edited because I didn't realize VB Factory was all IPAs!)
Initial post: Solo traveling to Tokyo December 7-12. I'd love to meet some people. Staying in Shimokita, but mobile. My only plan is the Ghibli Museum on the morning of 12/9. I am nice and bookish and droll! Maybe beers? Maybe some illumination viewing?
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If it's beers you need, I think between me (who drinks a lot) and umamidearest (who has blogs, one of them about beer) can probably sort you out. Shimokita is a touch far for me, though if I can, I'd be up for a more centralish meetup. On the other hand, in Shimokita, you'll be right by the Ushitora taproom, which you should definitely check out.

The only thing to think about is that December is year end party (company/sports club/friends circle) season, so it might be good to fix plans earlier than Tokyo Mefites are used to doing (because we are super lazy, and don't get together much).
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Did I hear my name mentioned? I would be up for a beer or three, either at Ushitora or somewhere in Shinjuku like YYG Brewing (a brewpub near Shinjuku station) or VB Factory (which specializes in IPAs). Here are some Shinjuku craft-beer bars.
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Afraid the weekend is out for me. Work. But, maybe the 7th or 8th ... Shinjuku is good for me or pretty much anywhere near the Yamanote Line. Craftsmans just happens to be down the street from me, but is also good. Specializes in Japanese craft beers.
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Iff'n it's Shinjuku you're looking to hit, I might be able to make it. I'd recommend either of the Vector places (reservation req'd) or maybe The Watering Hole? I am most likely able to go on Thursday or Friday.
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Ah, Watering Hole, fantastic. I should be able to make it between 7-7:30. If we accrue a bit of a gang, we can call ahead and reserve a table.
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I'll definitely try to make it, but, uh, I'm having some issues with gout, and might not be up for all of the delicious, delicious beer. That said, I'm sure they have lovely tea. Try not to mind me staring longingly at your glasses.

Gout sucks.
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Just a heads up. That bar I mentioned, Ushitora? The one that would be really convenient to you while you're here? They just closed to move to another location, and won't open until December 12th, just in case you were going to give it a try.
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I'd marked maybe on the sidebar and lurked in this thread, but I came down with a horrible stomach flu last week that has left me feeling barely alive... I'm recovering but don't think I can make it this week, unfortunately. I hope you have a great time in Tokyo, quadrilaterals. Have fun, everyone!
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Sorry to hear that, misozaki, I hope you feel better soon. I'm dealing with a cold, and it depends on whether I can't get through this, though I'd love to finally get to watering hole after several years of wanting to go.
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Oh no! Ghidorah and misozaki, I hope you both start feeling better.

I'd still love to grab a drink (beer and tea!) with anyone who's available. I've picked up a hotspot, so will check this thread and am also using WhatsApp.
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I too put myself down as a maybe and it turned out that my office scheduled the year-end party for tonight, but it's supposed to finish at 8:00 and I generally beg off of any after-party, so I might show up fashionably late.
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Sorry, but feeling better doesn't seem to be happening. Just so you know, Watering Hole just had a Knee Deep tap takeover on Tuesday, so some of their taps might still be Knee Deep beers. Looking at their facebook page, the taplist from yesterday shows a bunch of them still. If you're looking to try out some good Japanese beers, the ones that were on the list yesterday that I'd recommend if they're still on tap:

Shonan Gold by Sanktgallen is a fruit ale made with oranges local to the area near the brewery. It's nice, light, and fruity, if that's your thing. I don't generally go for fruit beers, but this one is quite nice.

Applehop by Minamishinshu is another fruity-ish beer, in that it uses apple hops, which give it a really pleasant apple flavoring. Also tasty.

They might still have The Devil Made us Brew It, by Devilcraft (conflict of interest alert, I work there part time) is a pretty decent ESB. Devilcraft just finally got their brewing license late last year, but have been turning out some pretty stellar stuff.

If you're okay with handpumped/room temp beer, they have Minoh Beer's Stout, which took home the gold for best dry stout at this year's WBC, and is the beer responsible for getting Mrs. Ghidorah into craft beer to the extent that she knows more about it than me at this point (seriously, she went from a beer disliking cocktail drinker to a craft beer fiend, it's been awesome). It's a really, really nice beer, deep flavor, but not overwhelmingly heavy. I highly recommend it. Have a great time, and enjoy the beer. Sorry I can't make it.
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Get better soon you two! Thanks for the heads up on the selection at WH, Ghidorah.

I remain steadfast, and will be present. Maybe I'll make up a little MeFi placard or something so's we can find each other.
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Wasn't sure about work etc. but I'm in. Will have a Minoh Beer Stout for you Ghidorah and misozaki.
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Currently en route - big hair, red coat, yellow sweater, blue and white scarf!
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Was fun last night, and good to meet some Mefites. Here's a link to previous comment from me and then from misozaki about Yanaka. Watering Hole was a nice place. I'll be back there. Thanks!
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DevilCraft beer A
Minoh Stout A+
Mefi crowd AAA+

Good times last night, thankee all!
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