Pokémon hunting
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Sat October 8 at 1:30 PM, Lincoln Park
8041 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Would anyone like to take a walk in a Pokmon-rich environment? Lincoln Park has water and beach and consistently has interesting water, fire, and psychic types. Let's meet at the log benches about halfway down the north parking lot (can walk from the C line bus stop at Rose St. into the park and a tad north on the trail next to the parking lot).
Do you want to wander there? Are there any other places in Seattle (or Burien) with neat species to hunt for that anyone wants to go to? (More places are now for future meetups...)
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I am interested in this! I have no specifics at the moment but I wanted to comment before I forgot to.
posted by KathrynT at 9:27 AM on September 30, 2016

Sounds like fun!
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This is relevant to my interests.
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How's Saturday or Sunday in a week? (I'm guessing tomorrow is too ambitious.) Does anyone else have reliable places to go? (Not sure how the new nests are shaking out. There were a ton of Clefairies at Lincoln Park today, but I didn't see any fire Pokémon. It was weird.)
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I heard the regular charmanders have left Lincoln Park.

I've heard good things about South Lake Union near the Center for Wooden Boats. I haven't been there myself, but my friends said there were good pokemon all over. I didn't get any specifics.

Oct 8 or 9 would be fine for me.
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Lincoln park is now a clefairy nest but I think I heard the charmanders moved to the West Seattle golf course.
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Would love to join, especially if the park is family friendly with a playground nearby.
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Pokemon-rich probably means portal-rich, so I'd be in.
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I'll hunt on South Lake Union if anyone has a boat... don't think it has a playground though there is the Center for Wooden boats as well as a pond/reservoir for kids to fall into*. Lincoln Park has swings down by the beach trail and a full playground and zipline up in the woods. Jefferson park has a great playground too, but I don't know that it has any particular nests (though with three gyms, it's pretty good on having something to catch).

According to reddit, the golf course has Omanyte now. Which I could also use. But I'm guessing there isn't a playground.

If I say Saturday at 1:30pm, is there anyone who can't come? Or who wants to suggest another time?

Any strong feelings on which park to go to? Your locations are not terribly revealing, so I don't know if I picked far off or easy potential spots.

*According to my daughter, who's had classmates fall in each year she's gone, some deliberately.
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I constantly read Omanyte as onanite which is something very different.

I can't do Saturday morning but maybe at other weekend times if there's a playground, but please don't plan around me as I am very unreliable. Also, Burien! Hey!
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Apparently Petrovisky Park has charmander, Marymoor Park has Kabuto, and McCollum Park has Vulpix. I haven't been to any of these parks -- does any of them have a playground? Does anyone else want to hunt these particular mons enough to travel out there? (Or are these close by for anyone?)

I'm feeling indecisive as to go to the familiar to me Lincoln Park (where I know there's lovely walking and playgrounds) or go somewhere I've heard has neat creatures. Guidance please? What do you all want on your Pokémon walk? (Other than portals for the man of twists and turns, which will be at all these places.)
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I went to Petrovitsky Park over the weekend. It does have a playground. Only two Pokestops and two gyms, and not a lot of room to wander. Most of it is taken up by sports areas. I brought a book and just read in the sunshine for a few hours, and got 10 charmanders. It's fairly remote, FYI.

I'm flexible. It might be more fun to go somewhere with good walking and a lot of pokestops. I've never been to Lincoln Park and would enjoy checking it out.

I usually go to Bellevue Downtown Park, which is known for rare spawns. There are 10 pokestops. No playground currently, as half the park is under construction and fenced off. There is grass to play on, but also a shallow canal for kids to fall into.

I'm voting for Lincoln Park, but will go anywhere.
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Since we're meeting up then walking, I imagine we'll be sitting around at the benches by the parking lot only for a little while. Please memail me if you'd like my cell number, so that you could text me if you're late and want us to wait for you.
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Meet near south parking lot or north parking lot?
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Blarg. That's what happens when I edit a few times before posting. North parking lot. Y'know how there're those benches made out of logs there? I think where one of the trails branches off in the middle? That's where I was thinking. (I did try to pick that spot on the map too.)
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I will be dependent on when naptime finishes, and will have to meet you all on the fly.
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We are on the move; look for us heading past the playground north on the beach.
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Thanks Margalo, that was fun!

4 kabuto and a dratini, plus miscellaneous. Not a bad haul.
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