Trivia night
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Tue September 27 at 7:45 PM, George and The Dragon Pub
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's do it.
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So, question for the MeFi IRL hivemind in Seattle, if I wanted to find somewhere Monday night to watch the debates over a pint (or five) and heckle/commiserate... does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm in. For trivia.

I have complex feelings about the debate. I don't think I can do it without having a stroke. I mean we are not going to learn anything new, I'm probably not going to feel better about Hillary, and I will certainly feel worse about Trump. If Hillary does anything besides totally destroy him with facts, decency, and common sense, then it will be all about how she lost the debate. If she does completely annihilate him to the point of him peeing his pants, then the best anyone will feel is that she did an adequate job. I guess the only way I could do it is by getting blindingly drunk at the Pacific Inn. So I might be down for getting blindingly drunk at the PI that night, are you still in Wallingford, Chris? And don't give me this shit about the west side of Stone Way is Fremont. The line is at Aurora and between Stone and Aurora is occupied territory.

In conclusion, I'm in for trivia.
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Blue Moon Tavern on 45th is apparently showing the debate tonight too (I'm going to a house party, but if I hadn't been invited to one that would be my top pick for where to go).
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HaHA, not only am I coming but I have almost certainly persuaded my sweetie.
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I'm here, but there is no chance I'll recognize anyone else except maybe SlartyBartfast. I'm at the bar in a grey T-shirt.
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24 and lost the tiebreaker for first.
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Damn. Lost by a matchbook!
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Man. Leaving your card at the bar is expensive. Remind me not to when you see me there again.
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