Les Food Trucks de La Défense
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Fri September 23 at 12:00 PM, La Défense
Place de la Défense, 92400 Courbevoie, France (Map & Directions)
It's a beautiful September in Paris! How about a food truck picnic in sunny La Défense?
Now confirmed for Sabroso, a Colombian food truck serving empanadas, plantain chips, their homemade garlic salsa, and Colombian sodas (as well as other drinks). They usually offer chicken, beef, and vegetable empanadas, though sometimes they add new ones. If by chance you'd like something different, there are usually two or three other food trucks in the same spot.

Date: now confirmed for Friday the 23rd. (For the curious, the food truck schedule is here, though the site only updates it every Monday.)

Location: Place de la Défense, which is the area by the Miró sculpture (photo here). You'll notice the Sabroso truck, a vintage blue Citroën.

Proposed time would be noon.

How to get here: RER A and métro 1 both stop under the Arche. If you get in near the end of the train, you'll be near the exit closest to Place de la Défense. Protip if you take the RER: watch which ticket doors people use to get out. Not all of them work in spite of having green arrows. Take exit "5 - Calder Miró". There's a pair of escalators that go up on the right, then you turn left to take another escalator or stairs and you'll come out just above Place de la Défense. Look to the right (south) and you'll see the Miró sculpture in front of Les Quatre Temps shopping center. That's where the food trucks are.

It usually takes 5-10 minutes to order at the truck. There's a grassy picnic area at the foot of EDF's spaceship tower with a distant view of the Arc de Triomphe and the pointy top of Eiffel. Plus, of course, views of all the skyscrapers here and crowds of businesspeople milling around to catch Pokémon.

FYI: all the trucks accept tickets restaurant as well as credit cards, though cash is also good. Menus without a drink are between 9-12 euros, and drinks are between 2 and 3 euros, though the Colombian sodas go for 4. Sabroso is one of the only places that sells them. If you've never had one, it's worth trying.
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Friday 16th doesn't work for me actually, and Mondays I have to go for lunch at 1pm due to a call, every other day I have lunch at 12!
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Zut !
We can wait to see next week's schedule, in that case. I won't be available next Monday for lunch either, but will check the trucks. Usually Sabroso and Aji Dulce come on different days.
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Also roundabouts 12 would be fine for me, I can leave any time after 11:45.
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If the date works for me I've been meaning to come down to Paris for a while.
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Next week works for me except on the 20th
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I've asked the trucks on FB if they know their dates for next week ahead of time, but no response yet. It's quite possible the dates are only publicized on Mondays for whatever reason (security? eh, don't know).

In any case we'll know Monday: for now it's looking like noon on the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday). Usually Sabroso or Aji Dulce are around on one of those days.
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All good for me! Be great to meet you Blasdelb!
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C'est super, Sabroso replied! They'll be on the Place de la Défense (the spot right in front of the grassy picnic area! perfect!) on Friday the 23rd.

Everyone up for piping hot empanadas with plantain chips, homemade garlic salsa and Colombian soda? :)
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Parfait !
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See you later!
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Oui, à bientôt :)
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A tout à l'heure !
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Waiting by the sculpture
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Sabroso is up higher due to the big painting
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We're both at the Miró
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Great food and company! 👍🏻
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