Alibi Room - Vancouver, BC - Sept. 2 at 7PM
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Fri September 2 at 7:00 PM, Alibi Room
157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B8, Canada (Map & Directions)
So, I'll be making my way all the way up the West Coast pretty soon and Vancouver is my final stopover. Any Mefites want to meet up sometime on that Friday or Saturday?
I've never been to Vancouver before but am pretty excited to check it out. This being so, someone else will have to choose the place/activity. (I'm up for anything). I'll be staying in Yaletown and won't have a car, but hear public transportation is pretty good and don't mind Uber-ing.
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I'd be interested! I have guests in town that weekend, but I can probably sneak away.
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Is there a particular venue you'd like to meet at? Particular cuisine that you'd like to try?
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I would be interested, depending on the venue.
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Yaletown is in easy walking distance to many possible venues. You can definitely find something to your liking without the need for transit. With that said, transit is quite good. Vancouver, however, remains Uber-less.
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Oh yay! LoRichTimes and I just moved to town and had been meaning to call a meetup as well. We are free both the 2nd and the 3rd. (I sadly don't know the area well enough to suggest anything yet.)
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@booksarelame Thanks for the tip about Uber! I was actually planning to Uber to the place I'm staying at when I hopped off the train.

@porpoise I don't have anything in mind, but I did some yelp-ing and am now kind of intrigued by the idea of "New Canadian" food. Any suggestions?

@Canageek Do you have any suggestions?
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Well, Gastown isn't far from Yaletown, so:

If you want beer, I hear Steamworks is pretty good. They make the beer in the bar, and the food is pretty good for pub food.

Rogue is across the street from it, owned by the same company. I've never been, but I'm told is lacks the Steamworks beer, but has better food.

The first MeFi meetup I ever went to, in 2011 was at the Alibi Room and it worked pretty well. (Well, except for me getting lost on my way home). Very well, I'd call it hipster food, but a wide craft beer selection and the food is very good if overly complicated in my opinion. No idea if it is still as popular as it was back then, I've not been back recently.

Moving out of gastown, but still right on transit:

Pizzeria Ludica: Good pizza and board games, if that is your thing. I was thinking of setting up a MeFi meetup there myself in the near future.

Further away still: Stormcrow. The ultimate geek bar. The food is good solid pub-food, and the atmosphere is quite nice. Even the menues are made to look like D&D adventures. There is a new location that just opened that has a patio, which helps with the old locations problem of being noisy.

I'm not sure what "New Canadian" food is, or if any of them qualify. Other MeFites that leave Burnaby more might have suggestions.
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Thanks for all the suggestions!

Going to throw out a few polls and then finalize time/place about this time next week.

Poll Regarding Date and Time

Poll Regarding Venue
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Sounds like Alibi Room, Friday night. I can make that.
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Just a heads up–Alibi Room is very popular, so you might want to make a reservation if the meetup is in the evening.
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So everyone, as a heads up, I might not be able to attend. I got robbed on the way to San Diego and they took my camera and my backpack, which had just about everything in it but my clothes and wallet, including my passport, laptop, medications, glasses, you name it. I have an appointment with the passport agency before then, but I'm feeling skeptical as just getting one originally was a slightly complicated process. So someone else should probably take charge of this meet up. Sorry all.
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Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear that dude, I hope you're okay. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help?
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Noooooo! I'm so sorry this happened.
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Many sympathetic vibes. I hope that identify replacement and insurance goes smoothly and swiftly.
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Thanks all. It definitely upped the challenge level of this trip. Good news is that I put in all the paperwork for my passport and am picking it up this afternoon! So I will see you all in Vancouver. I will call the Alibi Room when they open and make a reservation, assuming they have space available. Will update this post with details later.
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That sucks SevenofSpades. Was traveling and busy with things myself so just saw this. Hope that the meetup can be a bright spot at least.
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OH Frack. I just added that to my calendar and realized I can no longer make it. Since I agreed to this, a more important event has come up the same night. I hope the rest of you have fun though.
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Ok, so I have just emailed the reservation request (I thought you could just do it by phone) and should hear back within 24 hours, says the confirmation email.
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@Canageek Sorry you'll have to miss it! What a bummer since you helped plan it too.
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Well, they said they were all out of reservation slots, but take walk-in groups of ten or fewer (the ten-person limit is the same for reservations, too). I will get there at 7pm and put us on the waiting list, as from what I've read it looks like there will be a waiting list. Please mark that you're attending if you will be attending as that's the number I'll use. I think we should all get there at about 7pm, as it looks like they will give away space at the table if the stated amount of people are not present within 20 minutes. If more than 10 of us are wanting to attend or if some of you can only come later, maybe we can move to a nearby bar once we finish up at Alibi if anyone is still up for that.
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Ok, not sure what our shibboleth should be, assuming we all end up waiting outside. I'm wearing mostly black with a dark grey tee and dark grey shoes. I'm short and wearing glasses so that should help too. I made up a tiny sign that says "Metafilter" but I don't know if there is any way to display the sign while being inconspicuous/not looking dorktacular. I will update this again once I get there and have more info for you all.
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I am not going to make it I think. I am at home (though downtown) feverishly trying to finish a piece of work and it refuses to be finished. Apologies. I will soon be drinking at home thinking of you all if this continues...
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Nooooo we'll miss you lesbiassparrow!

LoRichTimes and I are on our way! In the past I've used "are you friends of Matt Haughey" for meetups but I'm not sure if that's any less dorky, ha.
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I'm outside. There's an hour and a half wait for 6 people....
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The guidebook I'm carrying has the MetaFilter sign sticking out.
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We're relocating to Catch-122 at 122 W Hastings!
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Footnote: We are not tight on space so if you haven't RSVPed feel free to come on down.
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Sorry I didn't make it. Too pooped. Hope you're having a great time.
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...This is pretty belated, as I have been very busy since I got back, but it was very nice meeting you all! Feel free to shoot me a message if you're ever in Detroit or Ann Arbor -- I'd be happy to show you around.
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