Southern MA Beach Event w/ iamkimiam
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Sat July 31 at 12:01 PM, Horseneck Beach
5 John Reed Rd, Westport, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
We're going to hang out in the sun and see iamkimiam!
Folks can meet us at the beach or meet a bit beforehand at my dad's place [will MeMail directions to folks who need it, it's about 1/2 mile north of there] and then we can carpool to the beach. In case of rain we can hang out inside with beer and snacks and videos. Maybe dinner at the Back Eddy? Who knows.
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'moonMan is coming with me and we can fit 2 others in our car if anyone wants a ride from PVD.

posted by grapefruitmoon at 5:36 PM on July 14, 2010

I have two spaces left in my car, leaving from the west Cambridge-ish area.
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I'd like to go, but would need a ride from Somerville-ish.
posted by nat at 3:37 PM on July 15, 2010

Very exciting! Do they have a grill at the beach? I'd love to char up some taters, whatever they may be.
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Oh, I'd love a beach adventure too. I would, like nat, need a ride from Somerville-ish, although I'm perfectly happy taking public transportation and walking as far as my legs will carry me...
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We are definite maybes.

It depends on how the Baby Zizzle is that morning and whether he will be amenable to the car ride.
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Alas, I'll be on my way to Canada that day so y'all will have to be blinded by my pasty white legs some other time.
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Anyone who needs directions or more information please email or MeMail me! Otherwise we'll see you at the beach. Rain option is to play board games at my Dad's house.
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In the event of rain, we have no lack of board games to bring along. We have enough board games to kill a horse, though I'm not sure how you kill a horse with board games. We could find a way. That's how many board games we have.
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I think we're coming, so I can fit 2-3 in my car. Drop me a line if you want a ride!
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I love, love, love boardgames! Especially Scrabble. Anybody want to play Scrabble with me?

Also, grapefruitmoon...I think I've got my ride figured out, but thanks for the offer!
posted by iamkimiam at 5:53 PM on July 26, 2010

I am a Scrabble fiend. Right now the weather forecast is sunny, so we can but hope.

What are we doing for food/beverages? Should we bring stuff?
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Oh hey good idea! I will plan to have drinks [pretty sure we are not allowed alcohol] some sort of giant cooler of soda & diet soda and water. There is a burger shack there, a really good supermarket in town [Lee's] and a few places to get food nearby. I will have extra sunscreen. The beach has some really nice rinse-off showers there. We will have to find some way to find each other. My phone # is 508-415-9074.
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I'll play Scrabble! Be warned, though: I will be crushed by you!

I'll also bring Go just in case anyone wants to play me then mock me. Boardgames on the beach could be fun.
I have a cooler too. I'll bring it, but I may just fill it with ice for cold, drinky type water.
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I really have a bad history with Scrabble. Whenever I've played Scrabble in group settings, bad shit has gone down. No lie. But I'll bring some other stuff (Acquire, Apples to Apples, Settlers, Zooloretto, Munchkin... do any of these appeal to anyone? We have MORE too.) in case there's a splinter group of more people than just me who have Scrabble PTSD.

I don't have a cooler, but I have a trunk in my car that can contain a cooler and also snacks if we need to transport such things.

Are we going to be carpooling to/from the beach? I'm just wondering if I should leave the car seat at work or not. It's totally not a problem for me to do so, I just don't want to forget. Also: are we now meeting at the beach or still meeting chez Papa Jessamyn and carpooling from there? I get lost wicked easy. It's a talent.
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Easiest plan is for us to park at my dad's and mostly carpool between 11:30-12 and take fewer cars since fees are by carload. My dad has offered to shuttle us there but he can be unreliable. Even though it's in my own backyard I don't know the beaches too well, so we can evaluate and even scoot to another beach if that one is overcrowded and/or nuts.
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Sounds good. I will remove aforementioned car seat to assist in the pooling of individuals who weight more than 50 lbs.
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Cool-so meeting at Jessamyn's dad's house. I have two small coolers that I can also bring if we need them. I also have some bottled water left from when the water main up the street broke last month, so I can bring that, too, if people want. (Yes, I know, bottled water=bad, but we had no water in the house and we needed to brush our teeth and take pills and stuff.)
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Hey, it's going to be fun! I like to play Scrabble, too, though I'm totally a noncompetitive word-loving hippie-geek who'd prefer to forego scorekeeping all together. If y'all are bloodthirsty competitors I'll still play, but I reserve the right to play for style points (i.e., freaky words, emergent themes) rather than score points.

I'll be coming with the Mr. Sublimity and our two lovely young daughters, so our car will be full. We should probably still convene at Jessamyn's dad's and caravan to the beach, since I've never been there before, have no clue where we're going. We will bring some foods to share, types to be determined later. Probably fruit and stuff like that, cool and yummy.
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I'm planning to be there, and I'm checking about getting a ride from Cambridge from those who offered one. If that falls through, I have a car and can take 2-3 passengers if need be. I'd be up for playing most board games. I recently learned how to play Tichu, and I'll bring a deck in case anyone is interested in trying it.
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I am looking forward to swimming in the ocean and making amorphous mounds out of sand and playing animal/vegetable/mineral while baking in the sun. That's my favorite board game. See you all there YAAAAAAY!!!!!!! </kermit>
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Looks like the weather will be stunning which means the beach will be crowded. If you are not up for a crowded beach experience, I am just warning you now that is what we are getting into. I'll have sodas and a cooler and maybe some mild snacks. I will have limitless sunscreen and extra towels. We can talk about whether we want to go someplace for dinner or not. Board games on the beach sound fun and geeky. The beach is very close to my dad's house [not walkable, but close] and so options are

- arrive at Dad's before noon and share rides to beach
- arrive after noon and drive there yourself and pay for parking

Please do NOT call me before 11, though I should be smart and turn my phone off when I go to sleep. My sister and her boyfriend will also be joining us. Anyone who still wants directions to Dad's feel free to MeMail me. Looking forward to it!
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I have a super early appointment on Saturday morning (weird, but true) so I may arrive later - in which case I'll call jessamyn to see where folks are at, if that's ok. (Don't worry, it'll be WAY after 11AM.)
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Hey, it's going to be fun! I like to play Scrabble, too, though I'm totally a noncompetitive word-loving hippie-geek who'd prefer to forego scorekeeping all together. If y'all are bloodthirsty competitors I'll still play, but I reserve the right to play for style points (i.e., freaky words, emergent themes) rather than score points.

I am a totally hyper-competitive Scrabble purist, but I won't hold that against you ;-)

My car is full, btw.
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Is anyone bringing shade of some sort? The girlfriend would like to come, but we got a lot of sun last weekend and she would need some shade to prevent more sunburn.
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I am in Boston and cannot wait for Saturday!

Also, I misunderestimated the sun yesterday and fried my frontside in 25 pages of a good book. I'll probably take it easy on the sunbathing and go big with the sunblock. While I rock your worlds with endless scrabble bingoes...
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If we are able to attend, we will have two additional seats in our car.

One traveler will have to not mind sitting next to Baby Zizzle.

If anyone from the Greater Boston area is on the fence about attending, they can feel free to MeMail me for a ride. I will last check my MeFi mail at 10:00 am on Saturday. Again, I can make not guarantees until we know how the little one is doing, but so far we are planning on attending.

(And FYI, Saturday is Dr.E's birthday!!!!! Public display of embarrassment, anyone?)
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I still have space in my car if anyone needs a lift from Camberville - can't bring anything as large as a surfboard, but whatever else you want to bring should fit.
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Please no one bring any soda. My dad went a little nuts and we have a shitton of soda [coke, diet coke, fresca, some water, some lemonade, some ginger ale] We also have a few bags of chips. If people want real food, you might want to bring some :)

Also have a few spare beach towels and more sunscreen than anyone needs. See you tomorrow!
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Doesn't look like we'll make it, despite Baby Zizzle's excellent mood.

Have a great time, y'all!
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Hey, that was more fun than a pantsload of bugs! Nice to meet you all today. Thanks for putting up with our crazy girls.

A beautiful beach, absolutely perfect weather, and wonderful company--what a fun meetup. I'm up for Jurassic Golf next time!
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Hey, that was more fun than a pantsload of bugs!

Ha, that's not tough to do! I am home and sunburned and checking MeFi for the first time since morning and YES it was a terrific time, thanks to folks for coming out and sticking around and being willing to deal with slightly wacky logistics. Really a better group of people could not be found and the weather was wonderfully accommodating.

Sublimity, your crazy girls are delightful, thanks for bringing them and Rick.
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'moonMan and I had an awesome time! Hooray! I am still in a kind of post-lobster-coma and too sleepy to come up with anything more coherent than "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
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Great fun everybody! Yeah beach Scrabble!
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Hooo my gawd I was so tired today. I had a great time blablabla'ing with all of ya! I learned how to play "Sleeping Queens!" And I have food left over, too. Amazing. Thanks everyone!
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Is your food still expanding? Did your take-home bucket magically refill when you started eating from it?
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It's taken over the kitchen and part of the hallway please don't call for help OM NOM NOM
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I added a few photos but a lot of them were the typical "bad angle" stuff you'd expect from nerds + beach photography.
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That was super duper fun y'all! Seeing the ocean and connecting with MeFites felt like home. Thanks. :)
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Looks like you guys just missed potentially getting eaten by a shark!
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I just added some craptastic photos. Beachy time with you guys was awesome and fun!
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