Playa Meetup 2016
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Wed August 31 at 2:00 PM, Camp Abstininthe
Black Rock City, NV, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's keep alive the grand tradition of the least reliable metafilter meetup! Reconnect with your internet family in your desert home. If you'll be in Black Rock City this year -- at least let your subconscious know that somewhere within a bike ride, other mefites are drinking and making merry.

I'll throw out Wednesday at 2pm as a good time as any. If anyone here has a camp that wants to host the meetup, that's a great option. Otherwise, we can pick somewhere distinctive and plan to meet there. Or, we can all just wear "Friends of Matt" pins this year.

CONFIRMED: Meetup will be hosted by the lovely and generous Camp Abstininthe, who are in the 7:30 plaza. Wednesday at 2:00pm. See all you MeFites and MisFits there!
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Tragically, this year, instead of going to Burning Man, I'm doing other fun things. Have a fun meet-up and a great burn!
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Guys! I flaked on the meet up last year (I can't recall what I did instead, but it probably consisted of getting my tits painted green). To make up for it would like to offer up the comfy confines of my camp bar, Abstininthe (your friendly local absinthe bar) as a possible location. We're at 7:30 Plaza at 3:30.
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I have yet to successfully make a MeFi meetup on the playa, but I'm willing to give it (yet another) shot. Abstininthe sounds good to me! I'm all the way over at 4:45 and Esplanade, but that's why god gave us bikes. Bonus: It's my 10th anniversary and my boyfriend's virgin burn! Lots to drink to.
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Wow, 10, that's awesome! I'm at 5:45 and J this year -- a bit out there, but Absinthe sounds good to me too. Excited to see who else is coming to the burn.
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Sounds good to me ... See y'all there! Anyone have pics from the 2015 meetup? I was a little spaced-out and didn't take any! :P

(I'm at 4:00 & G ... Art Model Camp in Alternative Energy Zone village.)
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ZenMasterThis, can I book a modeling session this year? Been thinking about it since last year's meet up.
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Of course! We have six 1/2-hour sessions every day from noon to 3:00 PM. When would you like to model?
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I have a camp called Strange Gardens, and we're on 6:30 between G and H. Seems like we're all kinda sorta in the same neighborhood so far.

I'll super duper try to make it to the wednesday meetup, but if past years are any indication, my resistance to playa time is weak.

Please feel free to stop by and say hi if you're nearby: An easy landmark to look for is a giant wolfhead that is my yurt. We'll have a frozen drink machine serving out frozen painkillers, pizza ovens serving out pizzas (if you hit us at the right time, or just look really really hungry and sad), and always a batch of some kind of cocktails are around...this years alternate is peach habanero margaritas.

Oh, and I made a mutant vehicle this year! Flag me down if you see a girly minaret shaped cycloptic alien head toolin down the street!
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Flag me down if you see a girly minaret shaped cycloptic alien head toolin down the street!

I love this place.
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So. Shall we convert this into an Event? Folks are going to start leaving on Early Crew in a few days, and it would be good for people to put it in their (again, highly theoretical) playa timetables.
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We're at 7:30 Plaza at 3:30.

I will confirm the event for Wednesday afternoon at foxy_hedgehog's camp Abstininthe but I .... can't quite parse this. Is 3:30pm the time of day?
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Hi everyone! To answer So You're Saying These Are Pants's question, 7:30 plaza is on of the plazas in BRC and will be marked clearly on the map that you receive when you enter. Abstininthe is "at" 3:30 in terms of where it is located in the circle that is 7:30 plaza. Hope that helps!
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Heh, great! Double polar coordinates did me in.

So I will confirm the event for Camp Abstininthe @ 7:30 plaza at 2pm on Wednesday.
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Hey there! It's my virgin burn and I will be camping with Harmonic Convergence at 5 & E! Would love to see you there, and in the meantime, does anyone have leads on rides? I have tried the rideshare and FB but had a run of bad luck confirming. I am travelling from LA with my boyfriend (his 7th burn!) 2 bikes and our gear. We have our tix in hand, early arrival passes for the 27th, a vehicle pass to throw in, gas & food money and access for someone to purchase a near face value ticket. Ideas?
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I'll be at Justice & 5:45 @ Spice N Vice. Will also be at the ESD/Medical stations at various times of the week. Feel free to MeMail me for my schedule, which is most definitely subject to change, if you foresee injury on specific dates/times/nights.
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if you foresee injury on specific dates/times/nights

Ha. I've worked at Arctica most of my years out there, but 2015 was the first time I finally dropped a jagged block of ice directly onto my foot. Amazing to me that one can get an x-ray on the Playa, but thank god for the medical tents. The medics are the most noble people out there, I swear.
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If we are able to meet up, I encourage you to bring a hard copy of a post address of someone you'd like to send a postcard card to. Postage will be provided, even for international addresses.
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Found a ride, will see you all there!!!
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Yay, space kitty!

Headed into the dust and I will see you fine mefites on Wednesday at 2pm, absinthes in hand! I hope.
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Soooo... how was the meetup? By the time I remembered Wednesday at 2, it was late Thursday afternoon. I'm not good with scheduling on playa.
I'd love to hear about it tho!
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