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Sun August 7 at 1:30 PM, Outside Fisher Library Sydney University
Sydney NSW, Australia (Map & Directions)
Heya cobbers. We were considering doing a Pokemon meetup and catching of monsters. Lollusc is late to the party and banished to Canberra for a few days so we must soothe her pain upon return. And for the love of dogonthemoon, someone has to help me take down msfish. ( blue team is bad, m'kay.) Open to date , time and venue suggestions although Usyd isn't bad and may be centrally accessible. Can be day with kiddoes or night with boozoes. (Fridays are out as it's often Chaiday Night at my place. To which MeFites have a standing invitation. ) We can all set lures in close proximity and enjoy the sprinkle of soft falling pink bits..
So.... Up for a PoMo ?

Ok...of site discussions have happened. We've locked in 13:30 tomorrow (Sunday arvo) outside Fisher Library at Sydney University.

Obviously you don't have to be an alumni nor anything scholarly. Actually maybe that's not obvious. But anyway, no association with the uni is necessary. It's publicly accessible land and there are lots of stops and gyms and loos and shelter. And a bar.

Any lurkers (?) are welcome to email me for a phone number and we can text to find each other.

Woo hoo.

Feel free to bring any friends, mefi or not. With or without kids. It's totes pomo* pomo** pokego with my pomos***.

* post modern
** Pokemon go
*** Tibetan word for daughter- true fact.
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I'm in. I found an Eevee this morning, but I'm jealous of all the Vaporeons in every gym everywhere, so I need a hot tip about where they all are..
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Alex & Fiona will be there! Fiona's taking applications for best friend.
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I'm in, but I don't like our chances of taking down misfish unless we cheat. To that end I can ask one of the kids to constantly harass her and steal her phone. Worked nicely last time, I thought. (On preview: Oi! NGM, quit it! I've already assigned Fiona a job)
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Ugh. I got all excited thinking someone was proposing a POST-MODERN Metafilter meetup, only to find out it's Pokemon. Nah, I'll pass. I went cold turkey after a week, and it's annoying enough walking with my husband when he's staring at his phone.
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I will try again to make it work on my phone.....
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Alas we are enjoying the bucolic idylls of rural QLD atm, and won't be back until the following Monday. My climate denier cousin says hi.
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>My climate denier cousin says hi.

Wouldn't want to be wanting a quiet dinner table then.
My QLD cousin's finest moment was telling my quite prim and proper mother about taking his dogs pig shooting. She bravely attempted some polite interest.
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I'm with web-goddess, tried to get into the Pokemon & failed.

But, thread derailing, perhaps a knitting meet up is called for one day... (...looking at web-goddess's flickr photos of amazing cabled creations...!)
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I'm up for just about whenever, although I am going to Melbourne for a few days around the 10th/11th. But this coming weekend would be fine whenever, or the following one on Sunday (although I think that's City2Surf, so city might be insane), or whenevs.
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Oh that reminds me - would anyone be interested in a mefi city to surf thing?I've always wanted to do it but this will be the first time I've been in Sydney for it. (Not that I have the slightest clue about how to arrange such a thing, what with the tiny humans that have been infesting my house for the last several years)
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Can't on Saturday, I'm afraid. It's Gishwhes, so I'm at Circular Quay at 12 covering a bus stop with postits, and then I have to go at have a battle with a drone wearing armour made out of stuff from my kitchen.....
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I did City2Surf last year and I'm pretty sure that means I never have to ever do it again.

I do, however, kind of want to follow kjs4 around all day on Saturday...
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We're all doing city to surf. LittlestTaff did it at age 6. With muchy complainy.
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Did everyone get the updated plan? 1:30pm at Fisher library, Sydey Uni, tomorrow (Sunday).
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I'll be there!
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Me too. I might bring an extra kid, in case we run out.
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Yay. Fresh kidneys.
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