Ice Cream Social, Denmark
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Sun July 17 at 4:00 PM, Olufs Is
Olufsvej 6, 2100 København Ø, Denmark (Map & Directions)
As I mentioned in the Metatalk thread, my favorite ice cream place in Copenhagen is Oluf's. They're now open for the season, so let's go!
Edit: Since all who have responded so far can do it, we're setting for Sunday July 17 at 4pm.

I get back in town tomorrow night, and Mr. Nat comes in this weekend. So starting Sunday on, I'm up for ice cream! (Well, except I'm in Hamburg next weekend).
Olufs Is (Olufsvej 6) is open until 21:00 every day.

Concretely, I'll propose:
1) Sunday July 17, c. 4pm.
2) Monday, July 18, c. 8pm.
3) Wednesday, July 20, c. 8pm.
4) Wednesday, July 27, c. 8pm.

I'm also up for competing suggestions for locales.
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Great idea! July 17 works best for me, alternatively July 27 might work :-)
posted by rawrberry at 11:26 PM on July 11, 2016

Ok. I sent out a few memails so hopefully more people will come to the thread (but it is July holidays).
If you're the only vote though, we'll do the 17th!
posted by nat at 3:21 PM on July 12, 2016

the 17th works fine for me - also the 27th
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I'm on vacation next week so Monday 18 or Wednesday 20 would work well (probably Monday is better), and actually Sunday 17 would also be OK. I'm away after that so not the 27th. I'm 100% flexible for overall timing because whee vacation.

My husband will also come along even though he's not a mefite.
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Mr. Nat's not a mefite either, so your husband will be in good company :-)

Otherwise let's do Sunday 17; I think it works for everyone who has responded so far. now for figuring out how to confirm details..
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Sunday afternoon ice cream sounds great even if the weather doesn't play along.
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Are there any plans on how to find each other? I don't know how big Olufs is.

I think we're going to ride our bikes over, so should be on time unless we somehow misjudge our travel time.
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Olufs is tiny, so finding each other shouldn't be an issue. The bigger issue is if it is too breezy to sit outside we may have to wander in somewhere-- they don't really have much inside space.

Fælledparken is right nearby, as is my office and lounge, so we have options if we want more space- but I figure we will stay in sight of Olufs until all the responders to the thread show up.

I have my Mefi shirt on, too.
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Thanks all for coming out, I enjoyed getting to meet y'all! And am definitely up for Amager-is next time.
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