DC-area end of summer/early autumn ice cream social
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Sun September 25 at 2:00 PM, EvaDestruction's place
2724 Ontario Rd NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Update: EvaDestruction has graciously offered to host this event the afternoon of Sunday, September 25! MeMail her for the exact address! Now let's get to plottin'!
(original post follows)

Inspired by this MetaTalk post, and in particular this comment, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in some kind of ice cream social...potluck...thing. I'm proposing we do this at the end of summer, maybe even late September, because of life events, and summer vacations, that might make things a little tricky in the immediate future. Anyway, let's talk logistics and location, certainly, but let's maybe also workshop some ideas? Further thoughts below.

I said "potluck" above because I love making ice cream, and I know at least one other DC-area mefite also loves making ice cream *cough* *cough*, BUT even if you don't churn, you might be interested in baking other goodies, or bringing store-bought toppings or fixins' for floats, that kind of thing. Or just bring yourselves and a sweet tooth. Also, I think we ought to make this vegan/lactose-intolerant friendly, so let's think about including options for those folks.

Anyway! What do y'all think about this? What are your ideas? Where might we do it?
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I urge all DC ice cream makers to take this as the challenge/callout that it is, and bring your A game so I can enjoy/judge you.

I like savorier ice creams, FYI.
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I seriously just had lunch with thrillingly talented baker C'est la D.C. and talked about this post and we're already plotting some ice cream sandwiches.
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Also yeah, late September is probably best for me too because I'm moving in August and will also be swamped with work, but I can be pretty flexible. I'm definitely out the weekend of October 1-2 and probably a few days on each side but should otherwise pretty much be around. And I can bring some Lactaid to share :P
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This is relevant to my interests.

I have no ice cream making chops, but I can bake okay and I would be honored to act judge. (Bribes in this case should come in the form of more ice cream.)
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I can make sauces and bake, and I have access to an experienced homemade ice cream maker, so let's do this. I've got conflicts the last two Saturdays of September, but Sundays are good.

I may also be able to host - if we're going for late September, we should be past the point where lack of A/C makes parties an unpleasant prospect.
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Yes, this sounds great!
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Ooh, this sounds good! We're always good for something mid-morning/afternoon on a weekend.
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... this sounds awesome!
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I mean, I'm posting here because I am seriously considering driving from North Carolina for this, so take that as a sign that you have done a Good Thing, duffel. Not sure I can keep my signature Dark Chocolate Orange cold enough for a long car drive, but we will see...
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I would love to do this. I no longer have an ice-cream maker which makes me sad, but can bring fixings and live vicariously through the rest of you.
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I'm all about this! It sounds like Sept 25th might be a possibility? I made a goal to use our ice cream maker 3 times this summer and it hasn't happened yet so this is a great excuse to get moving.
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OMG! I would love to come and share ice cream!
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This proposal has forced me to end my post-birth Metafilter silence because it is so excellent.

I really like everybody had matching towels/C'est la D.C.'s ice cream sandwich idea. I'm okay at baking and GREAT at watching Food Network so if an ice cream maker would like to join forces let me know (assuming I actually do have time which right now it seems like I won't but this baby can't stay five days old forever, right?). I'm not proposing a competition because I've eating C'est la D.C.'s food before and I'm too competitive and wily to put myself in that position.

Yay! Thanks so much for making this post, duffell!
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I also make icecream, am totally down.
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I'm new to the IRL meetup scene, but I'm interested!
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This sounds like a lot of fun! I don't have an ice cream maker, but I have a Pinterest board full of dessert recipes I want to try!
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HEY OKAY YAY! It's been like a month since I posted this, and I'm sorry for not posting til now. May I suggest the afternoon of Sunday, September 25? Still warm enough for ice cream, but not hot enough for it to become soup en route!

EvaDestruction, given the high number of replies, would you still be up for hosting? If not, that's fine, and I welcome suggestions from the group!

So, yeah. The rest of y'all, let me know if 9/25 presents any major challenges. I doubt any date will be perfect for *everyone*, but hopefully this works for most of us.

Then we can get planning on logistics and talk flavors! YAY ICE CREAM YAY
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Checking on hosting - need to coordinate with my housemate.
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The 25th works for me. I can bring a small quantity of Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream, Chipotle-added Version, for new-daddy Bulgaroktonos.
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25th works for us! So glad we are doing this thing!
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25th would work for us! Yaaaaaay
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I can host on the 25th (and spent another ice cream social today plotting potential boozy ice cream toppings).
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Awesome! EvaDestruction, thank you so much.

Now let's get to talking/bragging/plotting/squeeing about all of the awesome ice cream, toppings, and accoutrements we will be bringing and/or consuming! Let the anticipatory salivation commence!
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Just moved to DC and have never been to an IRL event before but this sounds great! I will bring lots of toppings.
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Now let's get to talking/bragging/plotting/squeeing

C'est la D.C. suggested a campari sorbet, which I am testing this week.
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25th works for me! I've made three ice creams so far this summer and so far none have failed me, so now to plot ...
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This is gonna be so delicious. Just wanted to note for folks, if you missed the update - address on the event is near me, but please MeMail me for specifics.
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I ended up making a negroni sorbet btw, it was spectacular, I will make it again. I also made a Frank's Red Hot & bleu cheese ice cream this weekend that tasted way better than it sounds, so I may make that again too ("tastes way better than it sounds" is kind of my wheelhouse).
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The countdown to frozen dessert deliciousness is on! A reminder: if you are planning to come on the 25th, MeMail me for the address. If you don't do MeMail, you can email me: threemartinidiva on Gmail.
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I will be coming from another event, so I can't bring anything frozen, but I will be sure to procure some kind of toppings.
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*whew* Due to the likelihood of our baby interrupting my ice-cream-making groove in the week ahead, I went ahead and got it all done tonight!

Blueberry & star anise sorbet (I call it blue licorice. There's a good chance I'm the only person there who will like it)
Coconut mocha (vegan! made with coconut milk!)
Maple & mint leaf (kind of weird! very tasty!)
Plus a super-secret frozen dessert! SUPER. SECRET.

EvaDestruction, I hope you have a lot of room in your freezer... I'll bring an ice-packed cooler, and hopefully I'm not the only one!

Also thinking I might bring some takeout containers (my neighborhood grocery store sells me their takeout soup containers for cheap, they're perfect for ice cream) in case anyone wants to swap flavors for take-home.
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We have these jars of brandied peaches we made from the last summer farm market peaches but I'm not sure you want them.
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I understand all those words individually but they do not make sense together like that.
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We do not have an over-full freezer, duffel, so I think we'll be OK there. And I'm not making ice cream (I'm thinking brownies and a couple flavors of whipped cream, and a friend is making bourbon caramel sauce), so I won't be taking up much freezer space myself.
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Coming into this pretty last but as a new DC resident, I'll do my best to make it!

No way I'm getting my act together enough to make more than one flavor, though. Y'all are superheros.
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The only reason I'm able to attempt such a thing is that we have 3 ice cream machines and 9 churning canisters. It's a little bit ridiculous. Making multiple flavors is my way of justifying all that used counter space.
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I'm not making ice cream but I am going to try to make a pear-walnut cookie to pair with duffell's Maple & Mint Leaf. This is more an opportunity for me to futz around in the kitchen trying nonsense than anything else but I've got some ideas and I'm really hoping to make a delicious cookie that tastes strongly of pear. That said, please don't get your hopes up as experiments are in the early stages (i.e. I've bought some pears and put them in a bag to ripen).
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I read that as "a delicious cookie that tastes strongly of fear" and wondered what had gotten into you.
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A fear-flavored cookie sounds like an ambitious, though perhaps not delicious, baking experiment.

Just a reminder, folks, if you think you might make it on Sunday, MeMail or email me for the address.
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Can anyone make ennui cookies or rage brownies before Sunday?
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How about you use one of your extra canisters for Frosty Dismissal.
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Weirdly, I think I could make rage brownies; I think they'd be VERY dark chocolate, super fudgy, with either almonds or pretzel sticks and for some reason there'd be mini-marshmallows baked into them. I don't know why, it doesn't make sense to me either, but when I envision these rage brownies the marshmallows are definitely there.
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What's parking like in your neighborhood, EvaDestruction?
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Not great, although Sunday afternoon should be less bad than an evening. There is a parking garage on 18th St, but I think it's pretty expensive.
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Currently making the cinnamon swirl for our offering!
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Doctornecessiter and I will be there with raspberries and cream ice cream, negroni sorbet, red hot & bleu cheese ice cream, and a cardamom & chambord hot fudge.
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Didn't you go to a state fair today? How are you so amazing?
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Hey folks, I am really, really really sorry but I've been feeling off all morning and think I need to go to urgent care. I was hoping it would pass, but it's not.
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Oh noooooo, that's awful. I hope you feel better soon.

I wish I could take over hosting, but my apartment is tiny. There is a huge (semi-secret) park by my apartment (Crispus Attucks Park) that would maybe be a chill ice cream hangout location on a Sunday if folks are okay with being outside for ice cream eating and still want to get together.
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We can't host but would also be happy to go to another location (the more Metro accessible the better). Let's see if there's a consensus!
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P.S. I agree somewhere outside sounds nice.
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Feel better, EvaDestruction! I think my apartment is also too small to host but would be happy to meet up with folks at a park or similar.
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For transportation, if we want to do Crispus Attucks Park -- it is about 6 blocks from the Shaw metro on yellow/green (and I think about 8 from NoMa on red, but not 100% sure).
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I think Crispus Attucks Park sounds good -- looks like it's less than a mile from both the green and red lines so still pretty convenient. Do people want to meet there? I can grab some disposable bowls and spoons. If at least three people who aren't me and the baby say yes to this plan I will head out!
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Our neighborhood park (General Getty) is 5-10 minutes walk from the Metro, but we're out in Silver Spring so don't know if that's too far for folks.
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We're coming from VA so either one is doable.
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Or Crispus Attucks works!
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Oh no, I hope you feel better EvaDestruction!

Crispus Attucks park sounds good to me.
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Screw it I'm heading over to Crispus Attucks Park (23 U Street) and if it ends up being just the baby and me eating a bag of pear walnut cookies then that's on everyone else for not coming. Hopefully see some of you soon! I will be the woman in a purple shirt with a baby in an octopus onesie.
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Also, feel better soon, Ms. Destruction!
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The park's page says it's private?
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I will be there too! Will eat a cookie!

Johnny Wallflower -- it's private in that it is not owned by DC or Federal, but it is a private public space, if that makes sense.
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Requests for Park Use

I guess we can scooch down and look like we're fewer than 20 people.
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Waiting for baked goods to come out of the oven but then I will head over.
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Looks like there aren't bubblers so probably good to bring a water bottle if you have one.
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Thanks, all. Very sorry for the last-minute scramble to change plans and for missing seeing everyone.
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You get full marks anyway 😘
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We are here (sans baby) with aaanastasia. We're at the west end of the park, which if you don't know, is in the alley between V and U. Join us!

Feel better, Eva D!
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How long are you going to be there?
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At least another hour!
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I am unfortunately working on a migraine but look out for mr. zennie
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So good to see everyone (and try all of your delicious foods)!
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We had a great time. Would love to do this again. We're happy to host future ice cream shenanigans, though we're in Rockville (walkable from Metro, but still, it's not central for most people).

Ice cream recipes to follow!
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Recipes below... after many years of trial and error (and expense!) I've found a number of ways to cut corners on expense and effort without sacrificing taste, e.g., using frozen fruits instead of fresh in the case of certain fruits. That helps me when I want to spend a little more money on ingredients that do make a difference in taste!

Blue Licorice Sorbet (vegan)
12 oz frozen blueberries
2 tbsp rum
6 tbsp agave syrup
1/2 c water infused with star anise (basically throw a bunch of star anise into some water in a saucepan and simmer for a while until it's good n'...infused)
1 tbsp lemon juice
Directions: Throw everything into a blender. Blend. Churn in the ice cream maker. DONE.
Notes: This is my original recipe, but the stuff I brought today went off the rails a bit because I had no rum, no agave, and the blueberries I had were more bitter than usual. You can substitute and mess with a lot of this stuff and it's still fine.

Mint Maple Ice Cream
2 c heavy cream
1 c whole milk
4 large egg yolks
1 c mint leaves, rinsed and lightly packed
3/4 c + 2 tbsp maple syrup
Pinch salt (1/8 tsp-ish)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Directions: Add the mint to the milk and 1 c of cream in a medium saucepan. Warm until tendrils of steam appear, then remove from heat and allow the mint to steep for 1 hour. Strain the mixture and discard the mint leaves. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks together. Reheat the infused milk mixture until warm; slowly pour the warm mixture into the egg yolks, then scrape this mixture back into the saucepan. Mix constantly over medium heat, scraping the bottom as you stir until the spatula is coated. Strain the mixture and add the remaining cream, maple syrup, salt, and vanilla. Chill in the fridge, then churn.
Notes:Walnuts are probably really good in this (maple walnut is definitely A Thing) but I've never done this.

Coconut Mocha Ice Cream (vegan)
1 2/3 regular coconut milk (1 400 mL can)
1 1/3 lite coconut milk (a little less than a can!)
2/3 c white sugar
Pinch of salt (1/8 tsp-ish)
3 tbsp cocoa powder
5 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips (Ghirardelli are vegan if you care about that sort of thing)
1 packet instant coffee (a little sachet, Starbucks VIA or similar)
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tbsp creme de cacao
Directions: Combine the regular coconut milk with the sugar and salt, and heat over medium-high heat until it begins to come to a boil. Add the cocoa powder and whisk quickly for 30 seconds, still at a boil, then remove from heat and pour the hot mixture over the chocolate chips. Mix thoroughly until all of the chocolate has been melted. Add the instant coffee, lite coconut milk, vanilla, and creme de cacao and mix thoroughly. Chill in the fridge, then churn.
Notes: I find it's *always* worth buying the premium brand coconut milk. Thai Kitchen is a good one. Basically, check the ingredients: if there are any thickeners in it, it's fine for curry but no good for ice cream. You need something that gets its thickness from the fat.

Banoffee Ice Cream Pie
Graham cracker pie crust (pre-made store-bought is fine!)
1 can toffee (you make this by boiling 1 unopened can of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours. You boil the can. BOIL. THE. CAN.)
Roasted banana ice cream (recipe from David Lebovitz here)
Whipped cream (homemade or Redi Whip!)
Directions: Pour the toffee into the pie shell. Stick it in the freezer. Once the banana ice cream has been churned, pour it directly into the pie pan above the toffee and spread it evenly. Freeze overnight. When ready to serve, add the whipped cream on top. BOOM.
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Ack. On the last recipe, that's boil the toffee, not coffee.
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One more comment for tonight. I hastily took some photos, shortly before we left. Here they are.
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We had a great time, and your Blueberry thing was firmly on the rails, duffel.

there's an official place to make photos available at top right
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Recipe for the Pear-Walnut Cookies to Befriend the Maple-Mint Ice Cream:

Pear Flavoring:
5 Anjou pears, as ripe as possible (probably other pears would be fine too but this is what I used)
Pear juice (it turns out they just sell this in the juice aisle)
Some cinnamon and nutmeg, whatever

1 stick butter, softened
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts

1) Peel, core, and dice the pears. Put them in a saucepan and add just enough juice to cover them (this will still be a lot of juice). Add cinnamon and nutmeg. Bring to a boil then reduce to medium/medium low and simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally and sometimes kind of whacking them with a potato masher. While you're doing this is a good time to toast the walnuts (350 degrees for five to ten minutes until they are brown and nutty and smell nice).

2) When the pears have been cooking for an hour, take them out and strain them and mash them in the strainer so you get as much juice out as possible (save the juice in case this isn't clear). Hopefully it will be pearful and delicious. Keep the mashed pears in case you want to add some of them later.

3) Cream butter and both sugars together. Add the vanilla and all of the pear juice you strained out and stir well. Add everything else (including the now toasted walnuts) and mix it all together. If you want and the flavor hasn't been cooked out of them, you can add some of the mashed pears from the strainer. They kind of evaporate in the cookies and leave neat pear-flavored air pockets, sort of. If you do use any of this, make sure you mix them super well.

4) Bake them on a baking sheet (PARCHMENT PAPER! THE BEST THING!); they definitely spread so don't put them too close together. Cook at 350 for like eight minutes for very little cookies and twelve minutes for bigger cookies or until they're brown around the edges, you're an adult, you can figure out when the cookies are done for yourself.

5) Let them cool and then apparently do NOT put them all together in a ziploc because they will fuse and you will feel like a fool when you attend an ice cream social with one enormous cookie.

6) Enjoy!
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Added my photos. Recipe to follow.
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Vegan Chocolate (Chipotle) Ice Cream (PDF)

4 oz. dairy-free semisweet chocolate chips (Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Chips recommended)

Mixture #1:
3/4 c. water

1/2 c. corn syrup

1 tsp. vanilla

Optional: 1 1/2 Tbsp. amaretto, Frangelico, Kahlua, or other coffee, chocolate or nut liqueur

Mixture #2:
1 c. water

3/4 c. commercial soymilk, almond milk or hemp milk

1/2 c. raw cashew pieces

1/2 c. unbleached sugar or Grade A maple syrup

1/4 c. Dutch cocoa powder (unsweetened)

1 Tbsp. tapioca starch or instant tapioca

1/4 tsp. salt

Optional: 1 dried chipotle plus chipotle powder to taste

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler over barely simmering hot water. Keep melted over the hot water but off the heat.

Combine mixture #1 in a blender until well-mixed, then set aside in a bowl.

Blend mixture #2 in a blender until it is very smooth and frothy (make sure that it is not grainy at all). Place this mixture in a heavy-bottomed medium saucepan, and stir over medium-high heat until thickened.*

Whisk mixture #1 into cooked mixture #2, along with the melted chocolate. Chill the mixture and then freeze according to the directions for your ice cream machine. Scoop into a 1-quart plastic container, cover, and freeze for several hours before serving.

Chipotle Version: soak the chipotle for 15 minutes in 1 c. hot water and add both to mixture #2 instead of the 1 c. plain water. After cooking, taste for heat and add chipotle powder as needed.

*If your blender is powerful enough, e.g., it came with recipes for blending and cooking soup in the container, you can thicken mixture #2 in the blender until it steams, 5–6 minutes or so. Dump mixture #1 and the melted chocolate into the blender, whiz for 30 seconds and transfer to a bowl to chill.

Makes 1 quart

Per 1/2 cup serving: 253 calories; 3g protein; 9g fat; 40g carbohydrate; 0mg cholesterol

Modified from a recipe in Nonna’s Italian Kitchen by Bryanna Clark Grogan (The Book Publishing Company, 1998) ISBN1-57067-055-2
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So EvaD, are you fully recovered?
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Here's the pumpkin mochi cake recipe.
posted by capricorn at 12:09 PM on October 4, 2016

I'm doing much better, Johnny Wallflower, thanks!
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I already made duffell's banoffee ice cream pie for a work thing! It turned out great, those are perfect instructions. I've also made capricorn's amazing pumpkin mochi....mochiko is available at the Hana Japanese Market at 17th and U if you can't find it elsewhere.

The Negroni sorbet is a riff on David Lebovitz's Grapefruit and Champagne Sorbet, from his book The Perfect Scoop.

1/3 cup Campari
1/3 cup sweet vermouth (I have made this with both sweet and dry vermouth because I wasn't paying attention the first time. It's fine).
2/3 cups water
1 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups grapefruit juice (from a carton is fine. I think ruby red grapefruit juice is the best but I've made it with regular and it still turns out an attractive bright pink)
1 orange (optional)

Mix the campari, vermouth, and water together. Combine half of that with all of the sugar in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and remove from the heat. Pour in the rest of the boozy water and all of the grapefruit juice. Stir. Chill completely (overnight is best) and churn according to your machine's instructions. While churning, zest the orange into the sorbet (this is for the orange slice garnish, I'm not sure how much flavor it adds but it looks very pretty).
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