Paris, Part Deux?
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Thu July 14 at 12:30 PM, L'Improbable Cafe
5 Rue des Guillemites, 75004 Paris, France (Map & Directions)
So~ Proposed that we start for lunch at L'Improbable at 12:30 on the 14th, and then go to the Pompidou about 2. Yeah?
So, there are a few complications that may make it a little tricker to schedule something this time -

1. I am going to be there mid-July, which - as I understand it - is right bang when everyone usually goes on a lot of vacations. I arrive July 13th and leave the 20th.

2. I am planning on two outside-the-city excursions this time, which will most likely eat up a whole day (although, dinner AFTER those excursions could work).

3. Okay, I want you to imagine me blushing and smiling when I say this, but....I kinda went on a DATE the last time I was there and l'homme and I have been in touch since then and are talking about a second date while I'm there, but he's a freelance journalist so HIS schedule is even wackier than mine. (But by the same token, if he discovers he has to be in Chile the whole week or something, then that's moot.)

So. Lunch here, then hit the Pompidou at about 2?

I will also be trying to hit up Paris Plage on the 19th, but memail me separately if you wanna do that instead.
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I just had an idea for A Possible Plan: I'm going to try to hit up the Pompidou Center the afternoon of the 14th, since I heard it may be free. If anyone wants to come with, that could be cool. (I'm not all that interested in the parade, and was going to the Marche d'Aligre in the morning instead since I'm staying right near there; as for the fireworks, I had no thoughts on the topic.)
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Yay! 14th works for me in the afternoon, my sister is arriving at 6pm at Gare du Nord so will have the be there for then.
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That's actually a good question - IS the Pompidou free on the 14th? I'll still go if not, but I would be trying to get all tickets for things in advance and just wanted to check whether I need to in this instance.
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Doesn't actually look like it is, the site lets me buy a ticket for the 14th for the normal 14€.
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Fair enough. I'm still interested. If I really want a free museum maybe I'll hit up the Louvre super-early (read: I'll go there, look at the huge line of people waiting to get in, say "screw this" and leave)
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Am back in Paris on the 17th - I will miss you on the 14th, but i'm up for something on the 18 or 19.
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I'll be here on the 14th and 19th.

Looks like Pompidou was free a previous year because they were having an exhibition specific to French artists, but everything online this year has it as a normal day there.
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Right, i'mma call the Pompidou on the afternoon of the 14th. What time? Say 1:30 or 2?
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Oh, just seeing the late addition and had another idea. I know Paris Plage starts on the 18th and was thinking of checking that out on the 19th. How's that as an option for the 19th?

(And I take back "calling it" on the 14th now because now the Plage on the 19 th sounds interesting too.)
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I can only do evenings and weekends aside from the 14th as its a public holiday.
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Same for me re: availability, for a daytime meetup the 14th would be best. Maybe lunch on the 14th? I've done Pompidou recently. There are all sorts of restaurants in the area, pretty much every type imaginable. Or drinks – there are loads of bars by Pompidou as well.
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Lunch sounds good
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Hello all,

I'll be coming in to finalize a plan sometime tomorrow (which now may be "quick lunch followed by the Pompidou, and people can tag me for Paris Plage later if they want separately").

Today I'm too busy cowering in the corner in a fetal position as my country goes stark raving bugnuts. (I've started wryly joking to everyone that "'kay, I may actually not come back from Paris next week.")
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Yeah, it's my country too, always fun to have more than one going crazy. (not, obviously.)
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'kay, so how does this sound -

1. a 12:30 lunch somewhere in the Pompidou vicinity, followed by
2. The Pompidou at like 2:00?

Or adjust to 1 pm for lunch and 2:30 for museum, etc. People can join for either or both as schedules permit. And as for Paris Plage on the 19th people can memail me separately if you want to try to do that.

If that sounds good, lemme know what time works. I definitely want to include the Pompidou in that because it sounds like they have an exhibit on the Beats and I have a soft spot for that.
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(Oh and any ideas for what spot near the pompidou?)
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Okay, I'm calling a time and a place for lunch just so we can have a plan on the table.
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That place looks nice! I'll just join for lunch.
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Have fun ! I am à la plage and really don't want to go back to Paris this week - so I may not be back for the 19th if I can figure out a reasonable way to stay south for a couple more days.
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Okay" I am here, in my Airnb place and about to go to sleep ( long flight). Looks like it's just one for lunch tomorrow?

People who wanna do something o. The 19 me mail me separately.
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Fraula was free so maybe she'll comment. A demain!
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Yay! I will see people at 12:30.
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I may be 5 minutes late, some transport closures today.
posted by ellieBOA at 2:55 AM on July 14, 2016

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