CONvergence 2016
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Sat July 2 at 2:00 PM, Garden Court, Sheraton Bloomington
5601 W 78th St, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
CONvergence is imminent! The MeFi meetups the last few years have been fun, so let’s do another this year.
Note: CONvergence itself requires a membership pass, but the Garden Court in the Sheraton (formerly Sofitel) across the street from the main convention hotel does not. (Be aware: parking is usually difficult.)
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Also! Share the news if you’re on any panels, or performing, or have art in the show, etc.

TrishaLynn and I are both panelists for Pro Wrestling 101 on Friday at 2 p.m.
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I'll be there. The Sheraton garden court is a possible alternative, unbadged space to meet up.
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Good call—although anybody planning to come just for the meetup should be aware that parking will be tricky.
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CONvergence is the best.

I'll be there spreading the good word about Chairs again.
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I'll be on the Webcomics panel on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you crazy cats there.
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Am running the Quiet Room this year. It's one of the new accessibility services this year.

Visitors encourage, volunteers desired, ideas and feedback welcome. Hopefully Quiet Room will be a bit laid back.
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I am crazy and am on four additional panels, other than the Pro Wrestling 101 one mentioned above:

Thursday at 2 pm
Kids These Days

Friday at 12:30 pm
Resetting the Default

Friday at 5 pm
Why are We Still Whitewashing?

Friday at 8:30 pm
Why Diversity Needs to be Deeper Than Marketing

I'm also doing Bridge shifts in the mornings, and can probably skip out on one of them if we decide to meet before noon on one morning.
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Any further thoughts? Anyone interested in volunteering for anything? Access to Vol Den has a minimum hour requirement.
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I’ve set up a Doodle poll for the best time slot.

(It’s kind of last minute, I know, but my partner broke her ankle last week so we’ve been a bit scattered.)
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I picked a time without any obvious conflicts mentioned, but I’m open to changing it if there’s a better option—the Doodle poll is still open.
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We could do a last day of con brunch-ish sort of thing.
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Not going to the con, but will try and get to the meet up in the garden court.
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Sheraton Garden Court seems to be lacking tables. At least, there were no tables there last night. However, we could just meet in the Sheraton lobby? Lots of booths and casual seating around there.
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And now the tables are back. Lobbys still cooler though. However, the Sheraton's restricting parking to hotel guests only.
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Sheraton lobby sounds good. I'll be dressed as Dr. Clayton Forrester (in a green lab coat).
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Damn I'm gonna miss it after all. I did not get my day started early enough!
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I'm at a table in the Sheraton lobby (looks like the garden court is mostly being used for tabletop gaming). Haven't seen anybody else yet, unless we're looking past each other…
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Nicepersonality, thanks for hanging around. It was good to meet up and see a new-to-me part of the convention.
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