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Fri July 8 at 7:00 PM, Beer DeLuxe
Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia (Map & Directions)
I'm new to Melbourne and would like to meet people & get to know this place. Let's meet up!
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Whereabouts in Melbourne? What kinds of things do you like?

I'm playing with Primitive Calculators at the John Curtin Hotel in Carlton on Saturday, and it's free, so that would be a good way to check out the local scene if you like raucous, punky independent music. I'll be the bearish idiot pushing buttons and jumping up and down at the back.
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I may come out of hiding, life permitting. Regardless, welcome to the greatest city in the world!
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Welcome to Melbourne! We haven't had a meetup in... months? years? This seems like a great reason to have one!!
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I think I remember the last meet. Or maybe it was the one before that, since I think we missed the last one. My, it has been a while.
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Last one I remember was two years ago in July. I didn't make it because I got waylaid.

I have another MeFite staying with me in July, but we don't have to wait that long!
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I'm into all sorts of things - arts, media, culture, weird stuff, activisty stuff - but it's a new point in my life so I'm also up for something really different. As long as it's near public transport.
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I'm into all sorts of things - arts, media, culture, weird stuff, activisty stuff - but it's a new point in my life so I'm also up for something really different. As long as it's near public transport.
Well, not to harp on it, but we've got two theatrical sound designers and a performing arts academic (hated by Andrew Bolt) in the band, are the most influential band you never heard of (that was before my time though), and we're possibly the only band in the world who can sing critically about rational self-interest so we're pretty weird. The Curtin is definitely near public transport. And being a gig, you can bring friends without it being awkward. Also, being free, it's not like you have to stay to get your money's worth if you're not having a good time.
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Wow, yeah. 2 years since the last pub meetup.

I like the Curtain, and am (just barely) old enough to have gone "wtf the Primitive Calculators still exist?". At this point I'm a solid perhaps for this Saturday, and also any other pubbing type events.
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I am visiting family in Canada at the moment but I'll be back mid-July and would love to get together with everyone. FYI: when I moved to Melbourne, I found the meetup.com options really good for establishing a social life as a newcomer - lots of wonderful welcoming communities that focus on anything that could possibly interest you. And prismatic7 - good to know about your band! Sorry to miss the show this time. Hope to see you all when I return!
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This isn't really the same as a Melbourne meetup, but there is a vigil for Orlando in Daylesford on this Sunday 19th. Is anyone going or interested in going? I have a car and the desire to go if anyone else wants to and needs a lift.
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There's also a vigil planned in the city on the 25th if that works out better.

I'm busy this Saturday! But it seems there's potential for a July meetup since there will be other Mefites from elsewhere coming.
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Is there really? Haven't seen any of the details of that vigil - can you tell me more/give me a link please?
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I don't know if you can see this if you're not a member of a specific group (because the admins accidentally made it only visible to group members and can't change privacy settings) but here's some info.
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Nope, can't see it.
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I like the sound of the band thing, but am busy this weekend. Theoretically I'm in, for whatever 'in' might mean.
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I'm another oldie who is all, wtf, I remember Primitive Calculators! So it looks like some of us will be at that gig.
My heart is broken over Orlando,but I'm certainly not driving anywhere to any vigil, or going to go any protest thing that involves standing up.
Give us some dates to work with.
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I would like to point out that, though I said 'I like the sound of the band thing', that does not make me an 'oldie'. I shall leave that title to the likes of russm and goshling. ;)
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can't come this saturday, but I will try to come next time...how about further south, like south yarra
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There's no such place.
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It's unclear to me whether this already happened or not but if not put me on the radar with "would meet people in Melbourne".
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It hasn't happened yet!

Those of you hosting international Mefites: when are they coming?
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I have one arriving on the 5th.
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How would the evening of Friday 8 July work for people? We could meet for food/drinks somewhere in the cbd. Or are weekday evenings more convenient?
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That works for me!
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The 8th in the CBD works here too. I hesitated to post though because I have no specific location to suggest.
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8th in the CBD works for me.

I'll suggest Beer DeLuxe - decent beer, decent food, cozy inside.
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I'd also been thinking Beer Deluxe at Fed Square. Sounds like it's a plan.

Divabat, are you able to call the meet up and add the date & location?
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And done!
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I'll be in Tasmania, so never mind me.

That's just bad timing, as it's only a couple days. Have fun!
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I've made a booking under the name Jessamyn for 8 people at 6pm (because I'll probably finish work around 5 or 5:30 and head down then; anyone is welcome to come join me early for pre meetup drinks if they'd like).

If there are a few more people who RSVP to come along we can always increase the booking.

Looking forward to it!
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Just looked up Beer Deluxe and thought I should note that the map at the top of this page appears to be pinned wrong, unless a new Beer DeLuxe has opened up in Flinders Lane. The one at Fed Square is between ACMI and the NGV.
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You are right Autumn Leaf, Beer Deluxe is definitely at Fed Square (Flinders x Swanston).

I'm still at work and will probably be there closer to 7. Table is under Jessamyn so whoever gets there first should claim it.
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The table is out the front. Hope everyone has a coat.
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Hey guys, my first group IRL get together. Really enjoyed it. Other than the natural divide that occurred on how to pronounce MeFi, it was a great evening.
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