Eyebrows is coming to Chicago (well, Glenview)
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Sun June 26 at 6:00 PM, Grandpa's Place
1868 Prairie St, Glenview, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Chicago Mefites! I will be on a whirlwind tour of Chicago and environs in late June and I want to meet up! Unfortunately it has to be in the suburbs but I picked a bar with both parking and Metra access.
Sunday night! I'm in Glenview and my parents are watching the kids, so I will be at Grandpa's, which I've never actually been to before but it's where my high school teachers used to sneak out to drink at lunch so it must be good, right? Anyway it's half a block from the Glenview Metra station and has ample on-site parking so I think it'll be easy enough for folks coming from the city by whatever method.

This will be my very first ever meetup, so let's make it cool! I'll be the redhead with the eyebrows.
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I will probably be arriving between 6:30 and 7 since I have to get my kids ready for bed before I can abandon them to the grandparents and head over, but I thought especially if you're schlepping to the burbs you might want to eat at a more reasonable hour like 6.

Mr. McGee may accompany me, depending on how wound up the kids are.
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This is the day of the Pride Parade, so I will probably be sunburnt but I will be there.

For those also coming from the city who will be taking the Metra, this is the line you want.
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Yeah, Fox Lake line. And the "Glenview" station, not the "Glen of North Glenview" station, it's pretentious there.
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Ahhhhhh I would so love to meet you, but I'm on vacation that weekend. Have fun, all!
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Oh hooray! I will be there! Probably on Metra unless some people are driving and we can figure out carpooling arrangements.

Metra only runs once every two hours on Sundays so if some of us do end up taking the train, our arrival time options are 5:11 or 7:11 pm, and our departure time options are 9:17 or 11:17 pm.
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If anyone's coming from the south or west sides and needs a ride, I can hook you up! (Probably worth noting though that I won't be staying out very late.)
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If we buy you a beer, will you delete someone else's comment of our choosing? Asking for a friend.
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Believe it closes at 9 on Sundays so it won't be a terribly late night in any case!
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So Google maps says it's two minutes walk to the appropriate Metra station which makes the 9:00pm closing time convenient with the train. I'm a firm maybe, but that really helps.
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Yeah, it's literally the train station bar that's been there for like 100 years so people getting off at that station can get a beer and a sandwich. It's quite convenient.
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I really wanted to do this but reality has intervened. Have fun, everyone.
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So how do we do this, does the first person there select a location and post in the thread where they are?
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Are any of the maybes sure of their plans yet? That would help us figure out what size table we need.

Is anyone else coming in on Metra?
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I am out, wish I could but a friend is in from out of town. Would love to meet you Eyebrows, but another time.
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Mr Fig and I will be there!

It's helpful to consistently-a-few-min-late people like myself to post where the group is at.
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I have been waiting for a locksmith all day who still hasn't shown up and at this point I'm unfortunately out for the evening. Our building front door handle is broken, and if I leave my apartment I can't actually get back in unless my neighbors get up and let me in. Why not use the back entrance, you may ask? Because I don't have a key for that door. And the building manager can't bring me a spare because this weekend is his daughter's quinceanera and I guess he's just not answering his phone. This is the stupidest problem.

Eyebrows, I hope you make it back to the Chicago area again soon because I would love to meet you!
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Oh no, I hope your door is fixed soon, phunniemee!

I was debating between the way-too-early and the slightly-late trains but since Eyebrows didn't think she'd be there till 6:30 or 7:00 and Fig mentioned maybe running late too, I am going to go for the train that gets in at 7:11!
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Oh no phunniemee, that sucks :(

I'll actually be there a little early, ironically. Hah
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We are here, working on getting a table inside.
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Ok! I got a table for 6-8, along the banquette. Mr Fig should be visible from the door, he's wearing a blue Chicago Marathon shirt. Also a very distinguished-looking beard
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I am currently on a bus making a u-turn in the middle of Foster Ave. I have no idea what's happening right now.
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Oh man.
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On my way!
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Made it to train station a little early in spite of bus drama that included: Swapping entire passenger contents of eastbound and westbound Foster buses; both buses making u-turns; my new bus having a power failure every time we came to a stoplight. Hoping for better from the Metra! Be there soon!
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Back home! The Lawrence bus is surprisingly busy at 10 pm on a Sunday but it managed to make the whole trip without a single u-turn. It was great to meet you, Eyebrows! Have a safe trip home, and come back again soon!
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It was fun! I am excited people made it all the way out to the burbs!
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This was an enjoyable evening -- hopefully we see you again in the not-too-distant future, Eyebrows!
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