Austin White Elephant in January?
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Any interest? Thinking latter half of January, so folks can get their wind back. Preference for weekday/weekend? If weekend, would mid-afternoon or evening be better for you?
I'm on the hunt for a venue that will meet the following requirements:
1) inside seating
2) beverage variety
3) room to spread out

...with these as bonus points:
4) parking isn't too bad
5) food probably a good idea, especially if cost ranges from $-$$

...not sure on the point of kids being there, since White Elephant doings can confuse them what with the whole present thing. I'll probably find a sitter for my little one, myself.

(gifts shouldn't be expensive. either something you got for the Winter Holidays that isn't going to work for you or something $20 or less that seems like a good fit for MeFites)
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I would be interested, and thank you for suggesting this! I'll be thinking about a venue that fits your criteria.
posted by immlass at 2:25 PM on December 15, 2010

Definitely interested.

I don't know my schedule for next semester, so I currently have no preference for weekday/weekend. Whatever works for most people is fine by me.
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I'd be interested and have no real preference for weekday vs. weekend. However, I know that I am much more cheerful in the evenings than the afternoon.

If you have trouble finding a sitter, I can vouch for a couple of local ones whom I have used for my own kids (8yo and 3yo) whenever they are down here with me.
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What goes up the chimney down? I'm always down for a meetup.
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I'm interested. I missed the last meetup due to an unexpected houseguest.

There's a restaurant on S. Lamar called Sazon that typically is uncrowded. They've got good Mexican food at pretty good prices and a full bar.

On S. First, Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse just re-opened at their new location, so that might be worth checking out. There's also Once Over coffee (which might be a little crowded, but is good) and Polvos Mexican food.
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I'm in! I'd enjoy checking out the new Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse, but if we need room to spread out to do a White Elephant exchange I'm not sure we could do any better than the recent meetup location of Cherrywood Coffeehouse. (That also has the advantage of the reservable side room, so we wouldn't have to be count on luck to have room enough for everybody to hang together.)
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Hi all! I recently migrated to the ASATEX region from JAXFL.


You bet I am.

Just gimme and time and a place. I will be there.
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I am an old geek (eldergeek?), should be retired by then, maybe...
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Hrrrmmm... seems that interest is tepid at best. Dang.
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PROD_TPSL, these are entirely normal levels of interest. It'll pick up as the time gets closer. Keep yer britches on. ;]
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[me@PROD_TPSL ~]$ sudo /sbin/chkconfig --list britchesd
britchesd 0:on 1:on 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:on
[me@PROD_TPSL ~]$


Looks like my britches are most definitely on.

Sorry, I'm just excited to be in a region where meetups occur more than once a decade.
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sounds cool but only on the weekend
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I'm in, and wish only that it be not on a Wednesday evening.
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I am currently more inclined to a weekend meetup. By then I should be gainfully employed. = )
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We had a tiny meetup tonight and now I'm raring for more meety action, so here's a bump to get some action on this.
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Weekend afternoons & early evenings work best for me.
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I'll put in a vote for the Cherrywood Coffeehouse as venue. Having a reservable side-room is awesome.
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Looks like a nice place. I approve. Not that my approval is needed.
posted by PROD_TPSL at 2:05 PM on January 3, 2011

Cherrywood Coffeehouse is a convenient location to me! Wednesdays are less-good than other evenings.

Someone want to put a stake in the ground on this one?
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Word. Employment starts on the 17th. Let's do this thing.
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I realize that 2011 has started off rather brutal... First Bill then the Arizona madness...

Maybe we should hold off?
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Maybe things being brutal is a good reason to meet up.
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I'm interested! I keep missing these Austin meetups.
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immlass, you have a very valid point. Time to make this thing official. The new job goes well. Someone set a time/date/location, and I'll try to be there.
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Jo's on 2nd.
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How about next Saturday or Sunday? It'll be my last free weekend before converting to my shift.
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Hi Austin Mefites,

I apologize for derailing this thread for a second, but I wanted to let you guys know that Malthas and I moved to DC. We feel like bums for not telling ya'll sooner, but in a 2 week window a master's thesis was finished (Malthas') and an apartment was packed up and moved cross country. I would feel awkward to just disappear without explanation, especially since mefites were some of the first folks we met in a new city. I enjoyed getting to know some of you over pints, but we can still keep tabs over the Twitters.

If/when we head back to Austin for a visit, we'll try to squeeze in a meetup!

PS, we still have that frog teapot I won in the first White Elephant. In fact it's sitting on a shelf above me as I type this.
posted by fontophilic at 10:05 AM on January 24, 2011

Okay, so... don't make "new guy" commit the executive decision. Tomorrow, I'm picking a time and venue in Austin. Hey... at least I'll be there...
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fontophilic, we'll miss you! Thanks for the note. And I'm sure you'll be back, how could you stay away? Next meetup you'll be out-of-towners and you know that means someone'll buy you a beer ;]

"new guy," everybody's got to start somewhere!
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I'm game as well. I'm just sick and tired this week. If nobody has done anything by the time I'm better, I may put myself in charge of meetup organization this time around.
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I'm game too, but I'm busy this Saturday, fwiw.
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I mean, next Saturday.
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Aaaaaaaand... I'm out. Spooling up faster than expected and being given reigns over the weekend...

Such is life. Take care all. I'll be game when things are less fluid.
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Aaaaaaaaand,.. things have become less fluid. I'll be free Friday through Sunday for the next few weeks... or in perpetuity if this is to be my schedule.

fontophilic, I hope that things are going well for you and Malthas in D.C. Best of luck in the Capital.

As for the rest of ya... I look forward to meeting up.
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Okay everbody, how does this weekend sound?

It'll be cold, but hey, there's coffee for that.

Any takers?
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Ooooooooooooooookay, so... Old Man Winter is not co-operating. Biter, arid cold and rolling bloackouts, anyone? Yeah... so the roads may be really dangerous. How about we hold off till next weekend?

Thought? Comments? Concerns? Unicorns?
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Next week (after this weekend and rolling blackouts and all sorts of things are over) let's put up a new thread and plan a new date.
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For those who may not have seen it, which I realized is a number of people who may be tracking this thread:
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