Art in Phoenix!
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Wed May 11 at 6:15 PM, Phoenix art museum
1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Map & Directions)
There's a cool lecture this Wednesday, 6:30, at the Phoenix art museum (which is free after 5:30, and also open until 9!). Let's go and then just look around the museum afterwards +/- a drink afterwards.
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I'd love to! Best weekends for me are the 6th-8th and the 27th-29th, but depending on the day, time, and activity I could be available other days as well.

If we're thinking a weekday/night, I may have more flexibility. A few schedule items are still up in the air.

It's been way too long since we had a Phoenix meetup!
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yes to hiking, food, and/or art! I should be free anytime after the first week of May.

Phx Art Museum is free on Wed. after five!
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Yes! My availability varies but I am open to any of the above.
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I can make most evenings work, but weekends after May 20th are best. I might be bringing along my young-adult-child. Hiking, food, and art all sound great!
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Woho! Sounds great!
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Okay. I am not familiar with Phoenix/Scottsdale, so does anybody want to recommend a hiking route that's easy-moderate (basically, so we have enough wind in us to converse along the hike)? :) I'll post a link to a doodle soon!
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Here is the When2Meet! Let me know your availability and we'll make it happen! (I'm also free in the AM for an early-morning hike on weekends, if you guys prefer that, but I didn't put it in the When2Meet.)
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I'd love to meet up for the food and/or art portions, but right now I'm too out of shape for even a moderate hike. =(
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North Mountain/Phoenix Mountain Preserve has some very easy, mostly flat, but very pretty hiking paths. Here's a detailed map (PDF).
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If it's a hike, let's make it earlier on in the morning. I think evening would be too hot.
If it's museum/food-ing, let's make it in the PM. People, fill out the When2Meet or just let me know and we'll decide on a date/location soon!
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Hey everyone, people haven't filled out the When2Meet, but how about we go to the Phoenix Art Museum this upcoming Wednesday night, at 6:30 PM? It's free on Wednesdays after 5 PM, there's a neat lecture by Saskia Jordá then. PM me and I'll coordinate with you if you are interested. I'll probably be there either way.
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Sounds great! I am in!
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I'm headed to Flagstaff this Wednesday. Have fun at the Phx Art Museum!
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I'll be there!! Where should we meet uo before the lecture?
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Well, I'm in Whiteman Hall....we need nametags.... =(
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