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I'm visiting London March 5 - 16. London meetup? To tempt you further, here's a list of things I can rant about if asked: GOATS, how much I love Swedish pizza, the Sonoran Desert, why space opera is the best genre, and What Not to Do During Disaster.
I'll be staying in the Hammersmith area, but I'll have an Oyster card and am willing to meet up elsewhere. Weeknights are slightly better than weekdays. Let's get food or drinks or look at art!
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Space opera IS the best genre. I could maybe do another meetup, so don't delete this!
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By the way, I work near Westminster and am quite happy to grab a post work drink some weekday. My weekend availability isn't great on these dates.
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I work right by Hammersmith and live not much further away, so I could potentially make it out to drinks at short notice, especially on a weeknight.
Are you in London working? Post work drinks could definitely work.
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I've never done this before, but willing to try :) I work near Barbican.
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I could do post works drinks
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Does anyone fancy a pub quiz in Hammersmith (Well, brook green) on Monday 7th?
I believe it's run by a trekkie, so... not Space Opera per se, but in the area.
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I would be down for either a pub quiz or a relaxed post-work drink. How does everyone else feel?
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I probably wouldn't be able to stay late enough for a pub quiz, but if people were having a drink in advance then I'd happily join them.
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Probably best stick to just drinks then maybe?
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I'm in London on the 8th so potentially free after work that evening. Anywhere central-ish is okay to get to.
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I could probably do the 8th as well.

WidgetAlley, do you want to pick a preferred location?
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So I am unexpectedly going to be in Edinburgh from the 8 - 11! But what's everyone availability on the 14th?
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Ok, no worries. Could probably do post work drinks on 14th.
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I'll be pulling some odd hours around then, but might make it... my first IRL. My work is near King's Cross.
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I’m in the area, but weekdays are pretty bad. I’ll be in London March 11-14, though…
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I'm actually getting in to Edinburgh on the 12th (From Glasgow), so I can take over from you as travelling MeFite in Edinburgh, and then be back in London on the 14th.

So, in summary, I could do the 14th.
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Tuesday the 15th also a possiblity if that's better! So many options.
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I just saw this! I could do after work on the 14th. I work near Notting Hlll but Kings Cross is always handy.
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Given that there is another meetup 5 days after near Kings Cross what do you think of the suggestion that this one be more westward?

One suggestion might be drinks at the Dove on the 14th? Or 15th?
(as featured in this post and this one)
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Sorry everyone, a slightly unfortunate and entirely unforeseen circumstance has come up and I won't actually be able to make it tomorrow. If Londoners would still like to meet up, I'm happy to confirm the event for 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at the Dove and y'all can have a merry time sans me, no worries.

If not, what about this Wednesday, the 16th?
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I'm fine with Wednesday too.
It's all good.
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