First Ever Kingston Ontario Meetup! - Stone City Ales - 5 PM Saturday March 12
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Sat March 12 at 5:00 PM, Stone City Ales
275 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L 1B5, Canada (Map & Directions)
Inaugural Real Life Kingston Metafilter Meet-Up. Stone City Ales, 275 Princess Street, Kingston 5 PM, March 12, 2016.
The group is small enough that if anyone has a problem with the time, let me know and we can probably change it.
I will be there, possibly with my wife if she's up for it.
See you soon!
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I'd be interested, depending on where and when, I'd prefer downtown as I don't drive and am recovering from a fall (the complicated spills of my adulthood)
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I would like to propose Stone City Ales as that place is my current jam. (I really really like good beer.) Shepherd and I are available after March 5th for hanging out.
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Sounds good to me, I like it there. I don't know if it's worthwhile making reservations if it's just a few of us.
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I don't think they take reservations, but depending on the time of the meet-up, I shouldn't think we'd have too much problem with seating. (Also, they just re-did and expanded their menu so I'm keen to try their new veggie offerings!)
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Kitteh, make sure you try their Watchtower Conspiracy II - they only have it on tap and in bombers and while it's a pain to get there at the moment I'm pretty sure it'll sell out quick. It's like 9% and 85 IBU and while I am trying to cut down on my drinking some, it's glorious, easily the best I've had from them. I immediately ran up and bought 4 from them when I noticed they had it back in on twitter. Also the first, I had it at the Princess St. Promenade when they first opened.
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I've never been to Stone City Ales but it sounds fine to me. Do they have hard cider there?
I'd like to meet at a place that isn't super loud if possible. My ears don't work so well with lots of background noise.
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We were just at SCA last night so Matt had it; I bought a bomber for myself over the weekend of it. Deeee-licious. I am looking forward to Friday's new limited edition: Tartan Thyme, a Scottish IPA.

crazylegs, they do carry hard cider and wine if you're not into beer. I can't speak for the sound levels. Matt and I tend to go right around 5 pm and leave by 7 pm because it starts to get crowded. I've never been there in the late-ish evening hours.
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It can be a little noisy because of the ubiquitous "it's Kingston let's have bare stone walls" thing in new places ala Red House and Jack Astor's - but it's not a large place and I find it reasonable as someone who doesn't like noise much. The cider menu is pretty good.

Also how bout this storm!
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I'm not huge fan of snow in general, but I've discovered that I'm really not a huge fan of pouring icy rain.

If we're still floating suggestions, we also like The Alibi. They open late (8 pm) but it's our favourite grown-up bar.
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I am old and there are like four of us so I am going to make the crazy proposal that we just buy some beer and hang out at our (me + Kitteh)'s house and play board games
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I'm fine with any of these suggestions. I just need to get out of the house, I'm going feral.
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I'm good with whatever, long as I don't have to do the housekeeping beforehand I don't mind.
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Should we try for the weekend of march 12/13?

I like the note at the bottom that says "Note: You're going to see these people in real life." Is that to prevent me from saying anything particularly embarrassing or disturbing?
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I can't make it to this one, but I'd love to attend a future meetup in Kingston.
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Is this still a thing happening next weekend? Because my vote for the first K-town MeFi MeetUp is SCA if we're meeting early-ish, or the Alibi if we're meeting after dinner-ish.
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Hi Kitteh - I just messaged you, before I saw this post. As far as I'm concerned it's still a thing. I'm good for anytime on Saturday March 12.
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I have a thing Saturday evening at Monte's but not til 10 or so.
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Whee! I'll be the lady accompanying the delightful and handsome bald gentleman with glasses (I will also being wearing glasses and I smile a lot).
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Oh I just realized I had hit the guests button by accident, it'll just be me. I look like a big nerdshoe and will probably be wearing a vest.
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I need to check SCA's Twitter feed to see there will be any new releases this week.
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My wife, who is not a Mefite, is currently in Kingston for the first year of a PhD and I visit her once or twice a month, but unfortunately I won't be up there this weekend. I tried to convince her to go on my behalf, but she's too busy/shy/full of antipathy towards Metafilter. Maybe some other time!
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Oh, that's too bad! It would have been nice to meet her. But yes, if there is another time, I hope you can both come!
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Card Cheat: I've got to ask: why is your wife full of antipathy towards Metafilter?
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I exaggerate; she just jokes about hating it because I spend so much time on it.
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Good news! Not only will we be attending, but we won't be emotionally devastated by the death of one of our cats! (She got a quality of life reprieve from a home vet. I mean, she still has a serious illness but it's not Time yet.)
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Sad news, MeFites: The Goat is closed as of today. There's a farewell party Friday night; if anyone is interested it's on their facebook.
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In recent years, it seemed inevitable, but I was still surprised when I heard the news today. I always hoped it would make it. The Goat closing is a huge and unique loss to the community.
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Matt has a thing but I'll be stopping by the Goat farewell party that night. (I am very sad because I have lost my one reliable vegan brunch option. I wish I had known they were closing; I would kill to have it one last time. )
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Thank you all for a nice time - not even one of you was an axe-murderer
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i can't speak for matt, but this was axe-cidentally a good night for me

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If the quality of meetups is measured between time of arrival and puns based on the supposition that at least one person at the table is a serial murderer, which is how they should be measured, this was a good one.
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