Hello, London!
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Sat March 19 at 7:00 PM, Diawana Bhel Poori House
123 Drummond St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2HL, UK (Map & Directions)
So mmmtofu and I are coming to London in late March. We would love to hang out with some London MeFites. Vague details below the fold.
Possible nights:
19 and 20 March (Saturday and Sunday) -- we are staying near King's Cross.

23 March (Wednesday) -- we are staying near Paddington.

In both cases, we are open to traveling a ways for good food (if there are vegetarian options) or drinks.
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We're also planning on going to the John Dee exhibit at the College of Physicians on either Friday the 18th or, more likely, Thursday the 24th, sometime during the day, so if anyone was interested in meeting there, that would be an additional option.
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I always take visitors to Sagar either in Covent Garden (close to KX) or Hammersmith (close to Paddington).

I was rather proud that I had both a vegetarian and someone with cœliac disease eating off the same menu, there. They'd never sat at the same table before just because of the general incompatibility, despite having worked together for years.

When we're in Covent Garden, I often round off the inexpensive meal with over-the-top pricey cocktails at One Aldwych's bar.
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19/20 sounds good, and there are plenty of places near where you are!
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19/20 would work for me!
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As far as vegetarian food goes, Mildred's in Soho is good.
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Sagar and Mildred's are both great! I will be in the Antipodes, but have an awesome time.
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20th I'll be in London!
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I'm in London on the 19th but at a Megagame until about 17:00 (but then around after). Maybe also the 20th.
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I mmmmmay be able to come out on the 19th, and King's Cross is hella convenient. There's not-great-but-decent-enough Ethiopian around there, and tons of very good Indian vegetarian/bhel puri houses not so very far away in Drummond Street.

A few blocks down the road, Euston Tap has a very respectable beer and cider selection (and, for those of you whut dig this kind of thing, is located in the base segments of the now-demolished Euston Arch).

Looking forward to seeing what you wind up deciding to do!
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Thanks for the suggestions so far, both look great! Just wanted to add that I'm also open to more omnivorous places as well, as long as they have some decent vegetarian options to choose from.

Do folks have a preference for a particular night? We're currently free both evenings so could do either, but let us know if one or the other is better for you. We might even be persuaded to do both nights if there are enough people interested (because hanging out with Mefites is my idea of an exciting evening).
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✔️ for vegetarian Indian on Drummond St on Sunday 20th.
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19th is better for me, as it's a Saturday... MeFi meetups the night before tend not to be conducive to good Monday mornings at work.
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That's a meetup I'd love to make (reader, I'd love to make all of them). Have fun, everyone!
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Diwana (vegetarian Indian street food) is the best place on Drummond Street, says this carnivore! Wish I could join but I'm not in the UK at the moment, boo.
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Assuming I can make it, I'd be very happy with a Drummond Street trip.
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I should also point out that I'm up for a Diwana trip pretty much whenever, in case these dates are just out for too many people.
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OK, we have settled on a time and place. If you really want to see us on the 20th, we'd be open for a second event -- maybe memail me, and we can come up with a second plan/meet-up?

Also, I kind of picked 7pm out of my hat. No idea if a) this is early or late and b) totally unsure if the restaurant takes reservations or whether we should plan on starting earlier to be sure of getting seats. Any thoughts?
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I don't believe they take reservations; I *do* recall showing up there on time with a party of ~10 nerds, and they had us all seated and munching on papadoms fairly swiftly.
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Has anyone got any suggestions of nearby pubs for before / after?
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The Bree Louise is just around the corner if we want a proper ale pub and the Euston Tap is nearby too.
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Awww I literally just posted another meetup request and I'm missing you guys by 3 days! Are folks down for two meetups in short order or should I ask the mods to delete mine?
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Don't cancel it on our account!
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Diawana, hell yeah!
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You guys are killing me, 'cos I'm South-coast based, have ever-scarce time off work then and rather like the idea of catching up with random MeFites (no offense all!), but am so not a London person. Argh!
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Probably not I'm going to make this but I will cheekily mention that if you're still looking for something to do on Sunday I'm directing a show.
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Oh hey, turns out caractacus and I will be coming down to London from Liverpool on the 19th (we're there for most of the following week, I just thought for some reason we were going down on the 20th) so put us down for most likely yes!
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Not going to be able to make this now sadly. Enjoy!
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Ugh, delays...we're not going to make the restaurant probably, so don't wait on us, but if you all decide to meet in a pub after, please do post it up and let us know where you are, and we will try to meet you!
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Mmmtofu and I lack connectivity in this strange land, but, with luck, one of the other attendees will be able to post our post-dinner location.
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I've just finished my MegaGame. Just drinking with my team near Euston and then I'll come find you
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If you see anyone in a suit with a "remember Tokyo" badge or any Spanish flags (I've got lots) that's me
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Is any one here or shall I grab a table?
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I'm about ten minutes away.
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We're up to 4 and causing so much trouble
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We're aiming for a 6 person table but they are reluctant to seat us till we're all here
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We're in the corner. Table with a Spanish flag
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Heading to the Bree Louise
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Nope scratch that. It's a bit Singy and sporty. Gonna try the crown and anchor
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Well, two thoughts. First, thanks to everyone who came to see us. It was great meeting y'all. Second, while the food was really good, I am not sure I have ever had quite such bizarre service during a meet up. The drama unfolding at the table behind us was icing on the cake. The strange singing and hooting behind the closed doors of Bree Louise was like little shavings of delicious fear-soaked chocolate on that icing. Fortunately, the Crown and Anchor was rather soothing.

Thanks, all! We will have to do it again!
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Oh god, we missed restaurant drama, on top of missing meeting you all! Sorry it all went pear-shaped for us making the meet-up, but glad you had fun!
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