Coldest Trivia Ever?
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Wed February 17 at 8:00 PM, The Pub
682 Broadway, Somerville, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Actually, if we survive this weekend, Wednesday at 8pm the weather should be downright tropical! Let's hope there are no frostbitten Taters at The Pub this week for Geeks Who Drink trivia!
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I froze my taters off this weekend (was -18ºF in Randolph VT), so I'm travelling to AZ this week to grow them back.
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I think it's fair to say that this is a high risk naming strategy, but I have just been made aware that a "cunctator" is "one who delays or lingers." Otherwise, I propose "All Tater Diet".
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The all-tater diet supposedly worked for Byron, but who knows how much he lost just by having various social diseases.

OED *tater:

distater, n. 1895 An ancient Greek gold coin, of the value of two staters.
Free Stater, n. 1865 A native or inhabitant of a free state, as the Irish Free State (192237), or the Free State (formerly the Orange Free State)...
tater, n. 1759

These all suck!
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Alas, I will be at TotalCon playing Castles of Burgundy tonight in Mansfield. I'll be rooting for you all though!
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Length 5
Length 6
stater taters
Length 7
statera staters
Length 8
distater upstater
Length 9
annotater baystater hesitater meditater misstater outstater stateroom upstaters
Length 10
antistater downstater freestater gravitater hemistater hesitaters staterooms
Length 11
downstaters gravitaters outofstater photostater stateridden staterights stateruling
Length 12
acetaterayon estaterubber protonotater
Length 13
averagestater statereligion welfarestater
Length 16
Length 20
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^---- I like gravitater and baystater
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