Goatenanting the countryside.
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Wed February 3 at 6:00 PM, The Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
This is a Goat post. What happens post-Goat now? I don't even know how life works anymore in this new non-amphibian world.
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Suggestions are welcome, but I suspect we'll give Local 22 another chance since it's just down the block.
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There's a nonzero chance a lurker I've never met who quoted me in a podcast may come to this or some future goat. Yay internet!
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I have heard excellent things about Chicago meetups but as a complete novice I have to say that details are a bit... lacking. Would it be possible to clarify the logistics for a first-timer? I'm only sorry my initiation will be goat-free.
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I can help as a recent noob! Bring cash, there's cheap beer and cheeseburgers at the first place, and then at some point people migrate to do karaoke. It's an informal, show-up-and-chat type thing. Casual, very fun.
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Sorry, tractorfeed, monthly First Wednesday meetups have been going on for so long that sometimes we skip crucial details.

First step, go to the original Billy Goat on (Lower) Michigan Avenue, not any of the other downtown locations. (This error has tripped up many a traveler.)

As ifds,sn9 said, it's very casual. We gather in slowly, most after work; you'll usually see us at a table (or more likely group of tables pushed together) to your left as you come down the stairs. I don't know why but it's pretty hard to miss us.

Lately we're at the Billy Goat until 8:30 or so; with the change in karaoke locations, I'm not sure how that will change but I wouldn't imagine it will mean we'll leave any sooner. When we do, we usually update this thread anyway.

(If you arrive between 6:30 - 7:00, look for the dude who looks like my profile picture but without makeup, with glasses, and watching Wheel of Fortune while trying to also have conversations with people in real life.)
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Further details under IRL tag "goat"
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Thanks everyone! So yes to the goat, but no more frog. I'll fake it 'til I make it. Holy moly I'm looking forward to meeting y'all.
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also, it's basically like this.
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The replies to that tweet are so right - that's a handsome fucking goat.
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This is not directly related, but as I know many of you will be interested, Poutine Fest tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon. Get 'em while they're hot...and covered in gravy.
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Also, some people should be forewarned that The Cabal* is well aware tonight's broomball has been cancelled.

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I wanted to do this but I'm sorry, guys, I am too tired. Have extra fun for me, and I love you all.
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but delicious wings weren't cancelled...
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Did everyone survive?
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Guess not.
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