Society of Beer Drinking Ladies event for Lady MeFites!
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I have always wanted to go to one of SOBDL's bevies. I'd like to go as part having fun and part networking/research for my impending podcast. I'd love for you to join me!
The bevy events happen the last Friday of every month and are women-only (until midnight when partners or guy friends can join in). Tix usually run about $20, but this includes all your booze, snacks, and gift packages for you to take home. You can find out more info at the SOBDL FAQ here.

I was going to propose the February event but I can't make it because I have to go to the States that weekend.

Ideally, I'd like to make this a semi-regular thing so I hope you guys might be interested!
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These people sound super fun, but alas, I really, really hate beer.
posted by jacquilynne at 6:04 AM on January 13, 2016

A friend of mine has been to one of these events - she said it was great.
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I would be interested.
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They are great! Alas, I just quit drinking.
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This sounds fun and I am tentatively interested!
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The next event is Friday Jan/29 at hBar which is 859 Queen St. W.

Tickets are still being sold.

Kitteh are you down for that one, or are we looking at the March event at this point?
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cranberrymonger, I would LOVE to go to that one, but I am skint. I could afford the ticket but I'd have to take the bus back to Kingston that night because I wouldn't have a place to stay! (I plan on booking a room for the March one.)
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When is the March one? I could definitely be up for splitting the cost of a room if you wanted, Kitteh.
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It should be the 25th of March? That is the last Friday.
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I could maybe do the January one, and can definitely do the March one.
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If you all go to the January one, I hope you have a great time!
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This sounds like so much fun! I'd be up for either January or March...
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Okay so I looked more into the details, and it looks like the ticket (which is $25 for the January one + Eventbrite fees) is good for ONE beer only. I'm still down to try it out but it does change the calculus somewhat.
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Oh, I definitely misunderstood! Sorry about that.
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Tickets include: a free welcome beer, a morning after gift, a once in a lifetime chance to try this month's Bevy Brew, a chance to win some seriously sweet beer-related prizes and a rockin' good time with other beer lovin' ladies - all in a surprise venue!

Hmm, I read this as 2 beers: the welcome beer + the Bevy Brew. Unless I'm missing something, which is likely :)
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The ticket is always $25 plus a service charge from Eventbrite. It includes 1 drink ticket that you can use on a full glass of any beer, the morning after gift, and a raffle ticket. After that, a full glass of beer is $6 and a half-glass is $3. The raffle prize is usually beer-related (mostly brew kits) but there have also been vouchers for haircuts and other stuff. You get a SOBDL card stamped at the door and at 5 and 10 stamps, you get a prize, usually SOBDL merch.

It's a really great organization, the events are always well-run, and the profits go to the Canadian Women's Foundation. I attended most of the events in 2015 and I've met a lot of really great women through it.
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OK. I am prepared to take the plunge for January. Who's with me?
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I hope you ladies go this Friday and enjoy it. I will see you all if you're interested for the March one.
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