COSign 2016
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Any mefites attending COSign this year? (Jan 22-24, Colorado Springs) If so, want to get together for drinks/coffee/randomness?
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Well damn. That looks interesting. I've read all of the Dresden Files books too. Unfortunately I'll be in Nashville. However, this doesn't give you carte blanche to misbehave. It's far past time for you kids to start acting like adults. I don't want to hear from your sitter that you stayed up past your bedtime or didn't listen.
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Yeah, count me in.
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Not planning on the con, personally, but would love to meet up!
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Perhaps sometime on Saturday? They don't have the program up yet - as soon as they do, it'll be easier to figure a time. Usually I tell folks I'm easy to find - I'm the one with the blue hair. At cons, that's not really that helpful.
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I won't be at the con, but if you find yourselves in beautiful downtown COS, let me know and I'll come say hello!
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Hey - I totally did not know about that ! Making reservations now. Would love to meet up
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I won't want to miss the author hobnobbing at 5:30 on Saturday so something before/after that is great.
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Some random options - Friday at 7pm or Saturday at 3 or 4pm? Heck, they have a full day Sunday as well, so maybe Sunday afternoon? I haven't been to this hotel, but there must be a coffee shop/restaurant inside. Maybe as a meeting place just by the front of that?
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Saturday afternoon works best for me. How about everyone else?
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That works!
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How about 3 today in front of the coffee shop?
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