Chicago Mefi Spring formal
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Thu May 19 at 6:00 PM, Adler Planetarium
1300 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
it's time for fancy duds again. Or not fancy your call. Either way, let's hangout at Adler After Dark.
May 19th is Adler's "Planetary Prom: Because who doesn’t want to go prom again? Dust off those dancing shoes, don your best prom attire, and join us for the best party this side of the Milky Way. " -- from their website.

And here's what a yelper had to say about it.

Tickets are $20 in advance for Adler, $25 at the door. You're responsible for getting your own ticket.

Last time we did this, we had dinner at 5. Should we again? How about at Mercat a la Planxa at 638 S Michigan avenue?

Knowing us, we'll be doing an afterparty somewhere.

Also, there's no enforced dress code at any of this, so dress however you'll be comfortable. Some of us are planning on wearing our fancy suits, but if you're fancy suit is a star trek costume, or a period dress, or shorts, flip flops and a tank top, that's pretty ok with us.
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I have a dress with aurora borealices on it that would be totally appropriate for this.
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OOOOOooooOOOOOOO. I look forward to your dress!
posted by crush-onastick at 11:31 AM on January 11, 2016 [1 favorite]

This sounds SUPER FUN AND AWESOME. A Thursday night is rough, though. But, I have a whole lotta vacation days to use up. Decisions are hard. I'll mull it over for a bit.
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I even have a fancy dress I can wear!!!
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I don't think I've ever seen someone pluralize aurora borealis but I like it.
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So I wanted to talk about how this is a good idea and how garlic continues to be awesome back when this was originally posted but I didn't get around to it.

This is a good idea.
garlic continues to be awesome.

But I also just realized this is just a few weeks before my sister's wedding, so now Andy and I can buy new clothes for this that will still fit for the wedding AND we won't be last minute shopping for suits the week before the wedding.

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I very emphatically DO NOT want to go to prom again, but I do like planetariums and any excuse to get a new dress. hmmmmm.
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I have a nice idea for a lapel pin, which I am noting here so I don't forget to make it between now and then.
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I very emphatically DO NOT want to go to prom again, but I do like planetariums and any excuse to get a new dress. hmmmmm.

You and I can sit there and look cute while frowning a lot!
This is what I did at both of the proms I was forced to go to so I have a lot of practice. I'm basically an expert.
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i think i would believe phunniemee if she said she was basically an expert in anything. Probably crush too.
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OMG! A use for my bridesmaid's dress!
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hey! have you gotten your tickets to the Adler yet? have you decided if you're a maybe or a definate yet?
posted by garlic at 12:03 PM on March 14, 2016

Have decided. Have not gotten. Should we?
posted by phunniemee at 12:23 PM on March 14, 2016

no reason to delay as far as I know.
posted by garlic at 12:31 PM on March 14, 2016

Is there a link to tickets? I was trying to find it on the Adler website before with no luck.

Also I'm a definite. I got a ton of vacation to take this year, so why not two 3-day weekends in a row? Woo!!
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Here's the thing--tickets don't actually go on sale until 4/22! garlic, did you buy your tickets from the future?
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Re: afterparty, that'll be a Karaoke Club night. So that should be covered.
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Tickets go on sale in 1 week and 2 days from today! Next Friday! Apr 22! Don't forget to buy them! Woo!
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Tickets on sale now! Go here.
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I'm adding the Doane tour to mine, too, because I like telescopes more than people.
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Tickets purchased!
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Got ours!
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The Doane tour is already sold out, by the way.
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I got my party-of-one ticket. Now, I need to consider what to wear. I do have a dress of cotton printed with glow in the dark stars, but that seems a little. . . precious, right?
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if by precious you mean awesome, then yes.
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so hey, that's a lot of maybes, and a lot of attendings -- now would be a great time to get right with the Lord and turn your maybe into yeses, or your erroneous yeses into maybes / nos. In a day or two I'm going to make our dinner reservation.
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also you can totally come to the adler and not come to dinner, but my going in assumption is if you're doing adler, you're doing dinner. please give me a heads up if that's not the case.
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I snoozed and I lost, guess I'll have to hear about how great the Doane tour was from everyone else
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p.s. I want to eat everything on that menu
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I am a very distant maybe because this is right after I get back from two back-to-back trips out of town. If I come it will probably be a day-of decision, so I'm keeping myself in the "maybe" section and will meet you at the Planetarium if I make it there at all!
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I'm listed among the yesses, have tickets in hand, and will definitely attend the Adler event. . . but what's the story behind dinner reservations? I like to food and mefites, but "dinner" is a pretty vague description. Just what have we signed up for, exactly?

Crap - just saw the restaurant part of the post. Did I miss it the first time, or is it new? In any event, I'm struggling to avoid abusing the edit window by removing my dumb comment. Dinner sounds great.
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garlic has made the dinner reservation and it's prix fixe (bar tabs are individual and separate). I don't recall the amount (I think it was $50-60/person) or how many he'd made the reservation for. I'm sure he'll check back later this week, though and there's probably still some time to make necessary adjustments.
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yay, dinner is great.

it is fixed price at $65 per person plus drinks. If the price is an issue, message me and we can figure something out with the restaurant.

Dinner reservation is for 19 currently. let me know if that needs to be adjusted.
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Hey eamondaly this is where I remind you about your nice idea for a lapel pin.
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y'all, I am going to BE SO OVERDRESSED for this. And more so.
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Crush, I fully support this.
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heads up -- dinner is at 5p at Mercat a La Planxa

if you're planning on wearing something in your closet, now'd be a great time to take it out and check that the moths haven't gotten it, it doesn't need to be dry cleaned, it still fits after the bacon bomb...
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Crap. It looks like I won't be able to make it to this after all, despite five months of advanced warning.

If anyone can use a pair of tickets to the Adler, they're free to the first who contacts me. (They've got my name and "guest" printed on them, but my suspicion is anyone will be able to use them. They're bar-coded, so they won't be using IDs to avoid duplicate tickets.)
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Messaged you, Eotvos!

I clicked on this all "oh, that's nice, a meetup, wonder what they're doing this time" and then I was all "OMG how did I not know that this PLANETARY PROM concept existed before now?!"

I am not sure anything appropriate in my closet fits after the bacon bomb, though.
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will you be joining us for dinner, spelunkingplato?
posted by garlic at 10:21 AM on May 16, 2016

Mr Fig won't be able to make the dinner part of the night.
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Hi Garlic, I'm still discussing with my partner. (As soon as I told him about the prom part he was like "cheeky Nando's?!") By when do we need to let you know?
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Oh no, just noticed it was Thursday and not Friday. Unusually, it's still OK for me but my partner is occupied in the 'burbs until after 5, and then is bound by the train schedule, etc. What was the planned timeline for the evening?
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The Prom runs 6:30 to 11:00. There are after-party plans at the Original Mothers on Division (near State). I suspect we'll head over from dinner pretty close to 6:30.
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In case there are any last minute would-be takers, my tickets are gone. Best wishes, all. Wish I could join you.
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Ah, yes, just skimmed right over dinner being at 5.

My boy still can't get there on the train any earlier than about 7:30 or so at best. I even checked and I wouldn't be able to do much better than that even if I helped him by driving, at that hour. But if it goes until 11, and I would be with you all at the beginning, maybe that's OK.

So I may come to dinner after all, on my own, in fancy dress, possibly with an entire gentleman's formal ensemble in a bag for him to change into at the venue. Garlic, can I still be part of the party? Crush, do you want to be my dinner date?

Important question: do I wear the fancy vintage dress I have been trying to get an excuse to wear, or my actual prom dress from high school? I'm leaning toward the prom dress (spaghetti straps, metallic glitter) because it is more comfortable (seriously, like a nightgown) and I feel less gratuitously fancy than I am in the (itchy) strapless gauzy 50's (slightly fragile) cloud. But maybe gratuitously fancy is what we want? How do you not feel awkward taking the L or whatever?
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How do you not feel awkward taking the L or whatever?

You are asking exactly the wrong group of people.
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Folks, I will be wearing a tiara on the bus. And from prior experience, I anticipate no-one to notice, much less look sideways at my middle-aged tiara-wearing ass. I am afraid I'm going to be cold, however, since most everything I own of a warm nature is packed away for moth abatement. I really planned poorly.
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spelunkingplato - my huz is also meeting us at Adler because of work timing reasons. We can be lone wolves together!

I'm not wearing a tiara OR taking pub trans, but I'll be getting fancy dressed and putting on makeup at work (a factory), my advice is to own it. Be the awesome fancy lady/man on the CTA, obviously attending a gala far more exciting than the regularly-dressed people.
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I am not dressing as fancy as I thought because I'm behind in the aforementioned "preparing for my sister's wedding"; however I am taking advantage of the 80s/90s Prom theme and busting out an era-appropriate shirt that I've managed to keep and also somehow still fits.


I may also bust out the top hat because of course I will I realized before I could even finish this sentence.
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Sorry, guys: don't think I'll be able to make it. Have some fancy fun tomorrow night!
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I just assumed the top hat was in play.

Is it 80's themed? I totally missed that, if so.
posted by eamondaly at 4:19 PM on May 18, 2016

I'm not 80's themed. But the website says: "80s, 90s, early millennium, contemporary or space-themed prom wear highly encouraged!" So, I don't think it's really 80's themed. It's also sold out--so if you were planning to buy a ticket at the door, it's unfortunately too late!
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I was going to wear a dress I had, but I found myself at the mall after work, and found a pretty awesome sparkly dress, so, yeah. I am bad at impulse control.
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Fig: totally! Let's hang out! Yay for your pretty dress find! I'm thinking I'll do my old prom dress since I have to do less work. I hope it's clean.

Garlic, am I OK for dinner?
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yes, you're fine for dinner.
posted by garlic at 7:15 AM on May 19, 2016

argh. don't know if anyone will see this but I'm running late for dinner, probs. by 15-20 mins. Sorry!
posted by spelunkingplato at 1:16 PM on May 19, 2016

I am 60% fashion tape and about 30% glitter. 10% is me.
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but would you really be you without fashion tape and glitter is the question
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I am also running late, 15ish min. I fancy tho
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I see! We'll be by the windows I believe.
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Attendees: don't feel like you HAVE to leave at 10! Just wanted to have a rendezvous and jump-off point established.
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I'm sitting on a bus that's not moving yet and can see you guys. Helloooo
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And just like that I'm in bed with my doggy. Nice night, guys! Thanks, garlic, for doing all the organizing!
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This was a lot of fun. Thanks garlic for organizing, and the rest of you for being awesome,as always.
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Not even mayor Emanuel popping in to dinner could ruin our evening. Thanks for coming guys.
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This was so great! Thanks for organizing garlic and thanks to everyone else for not starting shit with the mayor but really really wanting to do so.

Also: If anyone would like to come to my home office today and supervise me to make sure I'm doing the work I'd like to get done rather than reading everything I can about Planet Nine, that would be great.
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It's funny, because when Rahm walked up and I glanced over at him my immediate thought was "oh shit, I know this guy from somewhere, don't make eye contact" in the exact way I'd react seeing, like, a douchebag ex boyfriend of a college roommate or asshat former coworker out in public. BAD. HIDE. DON'T ENGAGE.
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Wasn't until he was actually talking to the table that I realized oh right, he's our mayor.
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In case any of you are also obsessed with gravitation wave research now after our trip to the planetarium.

Near-Perfect Free Fall in Space Sets Stage for Gravitational Wave Hunt

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