onhazier's NYC Druids Bar & Restaurant Visit
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Mon July 19 at 8:00 PM, Druids Bar & Restaurant
736 10th Avenue, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm making my first visit to NYC and want to meet. The Druids Bar & Restaurant is the venue.
This would be a double first for me. First time in NYC and my first meet up. (Sorry DC folks. I'll get to attend one some day.) It's not often that I'm without spouse or kiddos and looking for an evening's entertainment. Pass me your address when we meet and I'll be sure to send you some of this season's homemade jam. If it is wrong to offer bribes for your attendance, then come for my sparkling brown eyes and quick dimples.
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I might be earlier than 8 depending on when I get free.
posted by fuq at 5:05 PM on July 9, 2010

Turns out onhazier and I are attending the same conference, so I'll be there too. The elusive Mr. Darling may participate, or might just nurse a whiskey in another part of the bar.
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I'm shootin' to show up there myself, if I can work it out with the folks I'm visitin'.
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I just got back from a wedding and could theoretically join you guys, but I'm totally beat and would probably just sort of sit in the corner and look at people quizzically. So I'll stay home and sit in the corner and look at the bookshelves quizzically instead.
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The Bull Moose has been going through some drama lately.


I couldn't find any other articles.

I heard about the renovations a few weeks ago, but have not been there since.
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In light of aloysius' links, I would feel pretty lousy contributing any money to the Bull Moose management. Any chance of a venue switch?
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What the fuck Bull Moose Saloon!? Unbelievable. I first went to the place a year or so ago, and really liked it because I hung out with US army mechanics and a gaggle of partying lesbians at the same bar. Forget that place now!
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....and uh, Is there a protocol for editing IRL posts? "Updating?" It would seem to be a very useful utility.
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Druids was mentioned as the (best?) alternate location in the MetaTalk thread... so is that our official Plan B?
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Crap. I didn't look at this for several days. Yes, let's switch to Druids. I'll contact the mods and see if they can fix this for us. Druids is not far from here at all.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, aloysius!
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Just booked a hostel room— so excited for this!
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I don't know why I thought this meet up was last Tuesday (as evidenced by my confused post from last week), but since I will be completely recovered from last weekend's wedding festivities, I will likely join you on Monday evening at Druids.

Unless someone springs another wedding on me on Sunday.
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Good thing I checked! For some reason I thought this was tomorrow. See you kids tonight!
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Ok. Friend visiting from France was sprung on me. Result: no mefi meetup for me.
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On my way back across the Hudson River (had to go home first to check on my sick cat), should be at Druids by 8:30ish
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That was fun!

Nice to meet so many out-of-towners. Please mefimail me if I met you so I can remember your name + your mefi name!
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We enjoyed it! You all made me oversleep and miss the first speaker at the meeting this morning. Worth it.
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Thanks for coming out everyone!! I loved meeting you and am serious about the jam. MeMail me. I'll post the pics tonight from home and will update this event with the link.
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Yes, you missed that part! I think we decided that ginger-peach would be the Official Souvenir Jam. (Hope you are not addicted to chewin' tobacco now, btw.)
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Yum, that sounds amazing.

(I am not addicted to chewin' tobacco yet but dang, that stuff was good! Despite the whole burny canker sore thing!)
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Ahh you were all so charming, and I can't wait to see the pictures! Great meetup!
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Yay! You made it home! I didn't get you lost forever! Meetup success!
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Yes, good meetup! I liked it when it rained for a minute and evaporated instantly.
posted by fuq at 9:29 PM on July 21, 2010

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