Starchy New Year!
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Wed January 6 at 8:00 PM, The Pub
682 Broadway, Somerville, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
It's time for the first Tater trivia event of 2016! Join us at The Pub at 8pm on Wednesday for Geeks Who Drink trivia. Trivia starts at 8:30.
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I may come to this one. I caught a nasty stomach bug yesterday, so if I still have it on Wednesday, I won't be able to attend.
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I won't be able to make it to this one, but I gave you guys a shout-out in the upcoming MeFi podcast. YES I WAS ON THE PODCAST! WOO WOO! I think everyone was talking at the same time when I said the shout-out to the taters, so you'll have to listen closely -- it all happened so fast! But I also mentioned ignignokt's "Emergency Broadcast Twitterbot" and backseatpilot's "Photos from Airplanes" projects (hope the FAA isn't listening), and said something about Horace Rumpole, too.

Now that I am about to be a podcasting star, I will still always remember the Taters who supported me along the way. But I will definitely let the fame go eventually to my head, so sorry about that in advance.
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Ooh, I eagerly anticipate an hour of mellow Jim talk!

Also: ADVANCE PODCAST KNOWLEDGE! We are so privileged!

BTW, metroidbaby and EndsOfInvention also worked on that bot!
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and said something about Horace Rumpole, too.

Something about the way this is phrased seems mildly ominous.
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Also, Churl shared the guest seat with me. And I did mention Metroid Baby and Ends of Invention on there too.
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Man, who do I have to bribe to get on the podcast? It's probably you, isn't it.
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I take only travellers' cheques, because of the spelling and pronunciation of cheques. I will also take fries from your plate during the next Taters Trivia I attend.

Mind you, neither of these has anything to do with bribing me to get on the podcast; these are just things I do.
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I feel un-special.
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Let it be known: firechicago and I will attend, as soon as we get our Miss Universe costumes ready.

ps can anyone lend us glitter doughnuts, sparkly craft beer and a rescue pitt bull SOMERVILLE REPRESENT thx.
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Who won!!
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#1: Us
#2: Also us
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Yay... smash those those Also Us'ers! GO ALSO US!
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