NM 2016 #1 - ABQ weekend brunch
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Sat January 23 at 12:01 PM, nikitabot's house
1200 Stover Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
Friends, it looks like we have not had a single meetup in New Mexico for the calendar year of 2015. Let's put an end to this dry spell! Plans? None. Ideas? Plenty! Round 1 set, plans laid out for rounds 2 and 3!
UPDATE: Round 1 has been set: Jan. 23 at nikitabot's place, noon to 3 PM. It's a hang out pot luck thing.
Round 2: lunch in Santa Fe?
Round 3: a bar in ABQ? Or Thai? Thai then a bar?
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I'm all for this. I'm in the SE Heights, but I'll travel wherever for a meetup. I think by preference some place we can take over for a few hours, and hopefully with Internet. We could even reserve a private room somewhere if we're feeling adventurous. Tavern? Pub? Steakhouse? Greasy Spoon?

Off the top of my head: Route 66 Diner, Lindys Downtown, Kacey's Steakhouse, Gioco's Sports Bar, or maybe even Mary and Tito's on 4th street.
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I, too, am in. I'm in downtown ABQ and can travel. I like endotoxin's suggestions and am also curious if there are any Vietnamese places that meet our needs?
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I have a working vehicle this time, so I can head down most any weekend.
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Definitely interested. It has been a looong time! I am OK with meeting at a restaurant, or someone's place. I did host a brunch here before and am willing to do so again.
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I am downtown too and would love to meet up. A greasy spoon, etc., is ok by me. Alternately, I could host at my house--I live next door to the zoo!
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I'm generally Northeastish, but could go wherever suits the majority. That said, I think I've always been of the opinion that MeFites are probably better at trivia than most; we could always try some sort of ancillary Geeks who Drink event for those keen.

Edit: If looking for Vietnamese, I've never really gone wrong with Viet-Taste.
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Huh – I've just realized that I have never been to a meetup in Albuquerque, though I've lived here for a few years now. Used to go to meetups in Denver a fair bit when I lived there, and I did some in Boston when I was there. I will definitely make an effort to come out to this one, whenever we decide to do it.
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I'm up for driving down from Santa Fe
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Woot! This is the most activity we've had in a Meetup (without prompting or prodding) in a while. Let's talk logistics:

It sounds like ABQ is good for most here, and many are in for meeting at a restaurant for a while. Other suggestions: thai food (Viet-Taste - 5721 Menaul Blvd NE), meet at someone's home (annsunny, nikitabot), trivia night. Any strong feelings? All sound good to me - thai, greesy spoon, hanging out at someone's home. Trivia could be fun, but seems like we have less time to chat among ourselves, but that's my take.

I'll mass MeMail area folks who haven't chimed in this week, to be even more inclusive.
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So, since some people might come down from Santa Fe, a weekend is best, yes? Not a school/work night thingy.
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A weekend night would be great, if possible - thanks!
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I work evenings during the week so weekend is definitely preferable for me as well.
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I'm in!
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What does everyone think about meeting in ABQ on Jan. 16 or 23, Saturdays? I like the sound of a weekend morning casual gathering.

My big idea is that we could then meet in Santa Fe in February for lunch somewhere, then March in ABQ at a bar. That's my crazy plan to cover everyone's desired meetings and cover more locations.
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Mass-mailings sent! There are a number of "ghosts in the 'filter" in New Mexico, moreso in the northern part of the state. Still, I MeMailed everyone who was geo-ID'd (and then some). If you know of a MeFite who isn't geo ID'd and lives in the area, give 'em a nudge towards this thread.
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I vote for January 23rd mid-morning
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23 works for me.
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Ah, alas I'll be working Saturday mornings until the first of February. I'll have to pick up on the next meet. That is, unless we can schedule something for Sunday or any time after 3.
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Ah, bother! I threw out Saturday pot lucks, then nikitabot proposed noon to 3 PM, so there might be stragglers and extra food at that time, but we'll do something else in the near future.

nikitabot said she has plenty of parking in the area, cats in her house, and it's little person friendly (I asked because we have two little boy-creatures of our own who may be joining us, maybe not).
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Chiming in to say that I planned on doing an Pakistani food brunch (like my momma used to make) with Channa masala (chickpeas in sauce) and poori (fluffy greasy bread). And a baked item (haven't decided yet). Also, obviously coffee/tea and mimosas. Let me know if there any food restrictions or allergies and I will be happy to accommodate.

Also, hopefully the kitty allergens are minimal. Neither one of my cats are big shedders and I will vacuum the hell out of the place before guests come over.
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That sounds amazing! I'll think on what we can/should bring. If nothing else, we'll bring a selection of fruit.
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So sorry I have to miss this one, but Santa Fe for sure!
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We'll miss you, korej!
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Wow nikitabot, that sounds delicious! Thank you so much for hosting!

I've got a previous engagement in the afternoon so I'll have to leave early, but I will definitely be there. Thanks for organizing flt!
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Nikitabot, that sounds marvelous. Please MeFiMail me if there's anything I can bring!
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It was great to see you all today! Delicious meals like that one are even better with good conversation. Looking forward to the next one!
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Thank you so much for hosting yesterday, nikitabot!
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Yes, you were truly the host-est with the most-est!
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Thanks folks. It was lovely to have you over and I am looking forward to the next meet-up.
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