Turtle Tour 2010 (London)
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Mon December 27 at 7:00 PM, Queen's Arms (Pimlico)
11 Warwick Way, Westminster, London SW1V 1, UK (Map & Directions)
The wife and I will be in England, Wales and Ireland over the last 2 weeks of 2010, and would love to catch-up with old friends and make some new ones. However, our schedule is rather tight, so we hope folks will be okay with our selecting the date, while you lot pick a place to make merry.
The ideal date for us is 27 December. We leave on the 29th and expect to be having dinner with some friends on the 28th. Plus, after the last meetup we attended in England in 2007, we know we need to leave the next morning for hangover recovery time. For what it's worth we're staying in the Pimlico/Victoria area at the time, but are willing to travel to a tube stop-accessible place if the hive demands it.
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Right now the 27th looks good for me. I will try (very hard) to make it to this one.
posted by sueinnyc at 3:40 AM on December 6, 2010

27th should be feasible for me as well.
posted by Infinite Jest at 4:02 AM on December 6, 2010

I'll be in London around that time and would definitely arrange plans around this if it were possible. Also would bring dont_deceive_with_belief. Let's do it!
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We'll try to roll with whatever works for the rest of you. 26th would be better for us (27th is our last night). If it's Pimlico/Victoria, we can stay out really late since we're stumbling distance.

If not, I know we'll hook up with you.
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We will be attending Fulham/West Ham on Boxing Day with some friends, and then drinks afterward with same friends plus some others. So that's out for us as far as a meetup for us.

kaszeta, I emailed you about other possible times for us to get together.
posted by terrapin at 5:32 PM on December 6, 2010

99% of everyone I know is leaving London for Christmas, but I will be here. No plans for that day yet either, so I'll try to make it.

I'm going to a West Ham game that week as well, 2 days later against the mighty Everton. Say hi to Clint Dempsey for me.
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27th is OK with me.
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I now can't do the 27th. Argh! Sorry. It sounds as though there will be a good crowd though, in any event.
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Anyone have any meetup-friendly places to suggest?
posted by terrapin at 5:45 AM on December 8, 2010

Like many Londoners, I am heading out of town - to spend Christmas with the wife's family. Have fun, terrapin!
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Damn. Was hoping to meet you vacapinta.
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Terrapin: If you are looking for something near Victoria/Pimlico, the decent places I know within reasonable walking distance are (assuming they are open, I know several of the pubs have limited hours or are closed around Christmas)

Star Tavern (a Mews pub, nicely hidden behind the German Embassy)
Nag's Head (another Mews pub, up towards Knightbridge)
Jugged Hare (Vauxhall Bridge Road, just down from Victoria)
Cask Pub and Kitchen (Charlwood St, a block S of Vauxhall Bridge Road)

I know from experience that a group of beer drinkers can hold down a table at Star Tavern or Cask for an entire evening without any issue. Cask has far and away the best selection, but all of these have a decent number of taps.

Two other places I've had nice outings include Founders' Arms (on the river by the Tate Modern, a Young's pub, but decent seating in the winter, and a nice patio in the summer), the Blackfriar (north end of Blackfriar's Bridge, but a bit dark) and The George (Southwark, but can get cramped if its cold out)

But I'm just a visiting 'merkin, so I'll let the locals chime in as well.
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Thanks, Rich. A friend of mine who lives in the area made this maps of what he considers the top places.
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Nice. He had two on the list that I can confirm are good, the Phoenix and the Queens Arms.
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Let me repeat. The meetup need not be near where I will be staying. just getting the conversation started.
posted by terrapin at 12:04 PM on December 9, 2010

The 27th works for us, but not the 26th, boxing day is tough. Founders' Arms also sounds good, as I'll be at the Tate Modern earlier in the day, but wherever you pick, we'll make every effort to get there.
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Hooray! 27th is good for me. I'm tragically out of touch with central London pubs, so don't really have any suggestions to offer, but the ones that have been mentioned so far look good!
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So, I take it that it will be the 27th, but where? We will be coming up on the train from Brighton that day and are, typically, going without concrete plans of where we'll be staying so as soon as it's decided where we're meeting, I'll be able to book accommodations within stumbling distance (hopefully).
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Terrapin: Let me repeat. The meetup need not be near where I will be staying. just getting the conversation started.

Selfishly, your area is great for me. And to be honest, wherever you choose, some of us will have to travel. I suggest you just pick somewhere from the suggestions and sidebar it :)
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We will be escaping this damned island (temporarily) on the morning of the 27th. Bummer. Have fun everyone!
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Mrs Mutant & I are gonna try to make this one and, in keeping with our MeFi meetup traditions, we'll bring strangers from Holland (Roel and de Dawg, non MeFites in spite of attending four meetups - or is that because they've attended four meetups?) and I shall bake something !

The East End works best for us but we're mobile, will travel for suitable debauchery.
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FYI, Cask is closed from the 25th through 28th for the holidays.
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I can only really suggest the old standby Sam Smith's pubs again (London locations), especially Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street, which has a big long table deep in the basement that you can claim if you are early or intimidating enough. But I'm not sure if they'll be open on the 27th, which might be the main limiting factor.

I'm sure wherever we settle on will be made merry by the company!
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Kaszeta, yeah, I just heard about Cask being closed. Friend suggested Queen's Arm as a backup and said that there is a room which can be reserved. I plan to ring them up and investigate.

lucidium, last time the wife and I tried to go to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese it was inexplicably closed. I really want to go there as I have heard great things. Does anyone know if is open on the 27th?

I'll check in on Friday to see where we are.
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If I have a chance I'll check on the Queen's Arms for you.
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Ah, just gave the Cheese a call, and they're closed on all the bank holidays unfortunately. They don't reopen until the 29th.
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I came over all public-spirited and phoned the Cheshire Cheese – unfortunately it is closed on the 27th (re-opens on the 29th). I’ll stay out of the ‘where to meet’ debate, as I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be able to come along to this meetup, although I hope to. All of Tristeza’s suggestions look great, though.
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Argh! Should have previewed...
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Guys The George in our neck of the woods will almost for certain be open as will the curry houses along Commercial Road. We've had a couple of meetups finish at ths pub, I don't have any currency pictures but this set from July 2006 certainly captures the spirit well and its hasn't changed much since (at least not for the better).

Less mainstream than some of the other pubs mentioned plus a dicier crowd as well as live bands or performance art, well how about it?
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ahemm -- "I don't have any current pictures ..."

Yes indeedy I banker.
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nice, i've just moved here a couple months ago and will try to come out; live in NW3 but willing to go pretty much anywhere..
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Kaszeta checked and the Queen's Arm is open and willing to host us so I am calling it. They would like a head count though so please RSVP here as soon as possible so we can alert them. There are a lot of new to me names interested in attending so I am really looking forward to meeting people!
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I am a maybe, will be out at Twickenham for the Quins game in the afternoon but could be here for roughly the start of the meet up.
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I'll be in the vicinity and would like to think I'll be coming but am, admittedly, a total flake when it comes to meet-ups. I'll say a maybe tho'...
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Hey! I think I'm going to take the train down (if it's running) on the morning of the 27th, head to the British Library's Evolving English exhibit, and then make it to the meetup too! Looking forward to meeting you and Mrs. terrapin.
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I called the Queen's Arms and we have a reservation for 19:30!

Looking forward to this!
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Turtlegirl and I stopped in tonight to check this place out and we were very impressed with the service, the food (pies and burgers and an amazing sticky toffee) and the atmosphere. So if you ae coming, consider having dinner as well.
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Yikes, the trains are ~£80 each way. Next time, friends!
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Sorry to hear iamkimiam, but completely understand. We spent £60 on taxis on Xmas.

FYI the reservation is under "Metafilter"

See folks soon!
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Grar, have come down with a cold and really need to make sure I get over it (flying long-distance in a few days).

Have a good time everyone.
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Seeing that we're 2 minuts away, we'll probably show up early. My brother and sister in law will drop by for at least a bit, too.
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Sorry guys wanted to make it to what probably will be the last London 2010 meetup, but we're all in The East End and Tubes aren't cooperating. Have a great time and hopefully we'll see you all soon !!
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Thanks to all who came out to the pub! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new folks. I'll post what few photos i took when we get home.

Apologies to jessamyn for the drunken telephone call, but at least the time difference was in her favour!
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My limited photos are now up.

I think it was qxntpqbbbqxl's +1 who said that for a English meetup, the meetup was very low on English people! Thanks to chismear, lucidium and permafrost for representin'.
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Pic posted...
posted by kaszeta at 2:53 PM on January 9, 2011

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