Mallory Ortberg at All About Women 2016
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Sun March 6 at 1:00 PM, Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW, Australia (Map & Directions)
Metafilter favourite Mallory Ortberg will be speaking on the "what needs to change" panel and in her own session "The Happy Feminist" at the All About Women festival at the Sydney Opera House on March 6.
Taff and I are going, anyone else want to join us? The panel is at 1pm and $33 a ticket. Ortberg's own talk is at 4:30 and $27 a ticket.

There's a discount for buying lots of tickets in bulk, but it might just be easier for everyone to buy their own and to meet up for drinks or something before or after. I imagine the tickets might sell out pretty fast.

There are heaps of other good talks at the festival too. I might go to Hyonseo Lee's talk about North Korea too.
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Sounds good. I will alert misfish, this is relevant to her interests.
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Count me in. The talk by Anne Marie Slaughter looks good too.
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Uh. Alerts did not lert. Why??

Totes in.
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Uh. Alerts did not lert. Why??

They don't go out until you confirm.
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I put it as "confirmed" right from the start. (Because I was going anyway whether anyone else does or not).
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Someone should also FishBowl it.
posted by taff at 6:58 PM on December 10, 2015

Ah shoot. Looks like I'll be in Hobart for work.
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Liar. Tasmania isn't a real place. This is like that time you claimed to have gone to 'Antarctica'.
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Someone should also FishBowl it.

I don't even know what that means.
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I totes need to give you money for Emily and myself. I have a tech phobia about internet banking so imma gonna give you cash and meth in person. Or make Emily do it.

Fishbowl is Facebook if you're an elderly non English speaking Tibetan woman living in a village in the foothills of the Himalaya, apparently.
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Damn, only just saw this.
I'd love to go if it's not sold out!
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Are y'all talking about the 1pm panel or the 4.30pm solo session? I'm definitely up for the latter and am buying tix for me & Mr 8K. I guess seating is allocated but happy to meet up for a drink after (or before).
We might also see Carrie Brownstein.
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I'm keen to join for drinks before or after. Never been to a MeFi meetup before, need a secret bat signal to recognise you all - carrying a rose? Rolled-up newspaper?
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The usual approach is to ask around "are you friends with Jessamyn?"

I did that in a Melbourne bar once. Did the rounds asking everybody; even started asking the same groups a second time until they started looking as me suspiciously, like I was trying to peddle some kind of designer drug they'd never heard about.

"You know, *Jessamyn*?" (quizzical, knowing look)

As it turned out, every single one of the Melbourne crew were either an hour late, or had cancelled.
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Oh wow, everyone is hanging out here again :)

We got tix to both, 8k.

I think I've got something else in the morning, so can't meet up beforehand, but keen for drinkies after. You can all buy me like $70 of drinks each, or however much you owe me. (I'm awesome at this keeping track of money shit.)
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I've just popped in from all the base belong to me blue thread.
Emily and I owe you big dosh.
Or maybe you owe us.
Yeah, now that I think about it, you owe me $700.
I accept meth or feminist porn, same as in town.

Really looking forward to it, too.
What's the plan?
We should totes lock in something.
posted by taff at 2:37 AM on February 18, 2016

God, you want a plan too? Screw this, I'm never setting up one of these meet-up things again.

My plan was for you to invite us all over for dal again sometime before March so we can make a plan while drinking. Because those are the best plans. But we are running out of time for that...
posted by lollusc at 5:48 AM on February 18, 2016

I suck. Dal will happen though. Away last weekend and this weekend but next weekend could be a goer. U Syd willing.
posted by taff at 2:03 PM on February 18, 2016

Actually I suck because I try to make you invite me over, and then I look at my calendar and I'm hosting out of town visitors next weekend and am in Canberra the Friday/Saturday the week after. So I guess we do have to make a plan without being drunk first. Or the rest of you can make a plan over dal and wine, and then you can let me know what it is :)
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Although, now it seems my visitors won't be getting here until very late on Friday night...
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Transaction fee is $8.50... BUH! Does anyone else want one while I'm there?
(this for the 4.30pm one that's just Mallory, not the panel..)
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8k...what you doing for dinner tonight?
posted by taff at 7:58 PM on February 25, 2016

Taff, oh no, I only just saw this.
Going to buy tix now! K
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(No prob 8k, we'll get you to a dal night meetup at my place soon....)

Sooooo... Can I suggest we meet at 12:30 at the Guylian Chocolate cafe for a quick coffee/hot choc something little prior to meeting...then go to the Opera Bar downstairs after the panel but prior to M-Ort so we can spend more time with those that aren't doing both, and enjoy the view?
posted by taff at 3:22 PM on March 3, 2016

Also... we could just make it a meet up for people who... want to meet up... even if there are folk who don't have any tickets. N'est pas? If we sulked a bit, ubu and embrangled and smoke and web goddess and unliteral and all the cool kids might meet us between the panel and M-Ort... whatcha reckon?
posted by taff at 4:03 PM on March 3, 2016

Oh! I have a previous engagement scheduled (I sound so wordly! It's actually a BBQ at a friend's house).

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Surely you mean your "lesser" friend's house, ngm?

(You should totes send us your littlest person in your place. I reckon if you gave her an opal card she'd get there solo, no probs. I won't buy her full beers, just middies.)
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Soz guys, we have family dinners on Sundays with the in-laws. :)
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12:30, Taff? The panel's at 1, I don't think that's enough time for a cheeky hot chocolate, I am scrupulously punctual.

But since I only imagined I bought tickets to La Ortberg's session, and didn't actually do it, I have plenty of time to get sozzled and fix feminism at the opera bar after the panel.
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I imagine she'd work her way up to the stage, even without beer!
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I can be at Opera Bar from 2.30ish (am only going to the later session).
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Yesbut, do you want to wear something remarkable so we can recognise you?
posted by taff at 9:48 PM on March 3, 2016

I am coming from Canberra. My bus gets in at 11:30 supposedly so I can probably only arrange to get to the venue a little before the panel. Those of you I ordered tickets for, I will meet you just outside with them. If you don't have my number, memail me so you do in case of problems.

Misfish, are you sure I didn't get tickets for you too?I honestly don't recall. Check the Facebook conversation for details of who I bought for.
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Oh, you did, didn't you? That's a relief. Goodness. I'd forget my own head next.
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That is a fine idea, taff. And I own just the item: a large red sunhat.

Also: glasses, late 30s, female (which I'm sure will distinguish me from much of the festival's demographic!).

Phew, I expect Opera Bar on a sunny Sunday will be busy, hope this spares me from asking everyone if they are friends with Jessamyn.
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Yesbut and 8k, check your memail!
Fark, I may have lost my hat at Mardi Gras but I'll be the tallest, youngest most athletic one there....
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I am at the Guylian cafe, holding a table. Come and find me, Y'all.

Yesbut, I am a brown dude with a trim beard wearing a maroon tshirt with an adorable three headed puppy on it. Misfish is wearing a dark blue dress covered in stars and galaxies. Should be easy enough to spot at opera bar.
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We're at Wynard. Be there soon.
posted by taff at 4:54 PM on March 5, 2016

Thanks Taff! I will be late (am still at home)
Pls PM me if you know an Ortberg fan who does not have babysitter issues (unlike my poor husband)
I'm texting friends too, hence the "may".
posted by 8k at 6:54 PM on March 5, 2016

The panel is just wrapping up; we should be out at the pub in a few minutes. If any mefites are out there, grab a table if you can.
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We have a table in the sunshine. I don't like it, but what can you do?
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You're quite articulate for a fish.
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