The Empress' Imperial Tour Arrives in Paris (confirmed date and place)
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Wed December 30 at 7:00 PM, Aux Cadrans
21 Boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris, France (Map & Directions)
Parisians! I will be visiting your city the last week of December. Wanna gather (and you can make fun of my pathetic French skills)? (Note: we've confirmed a date and place).
Here's the details:

* I get in sometime mid-day on the 26th, but will probably be no good to anyone until the 27th. I leave early on January 2nd.
* I'm staying in an Airbnb place near the Jardin de Luxembourg.
* The only thing I have scheduled with a precise time so far is that I'm doing something the morning of the 30th.
* I am conversant with navigating subways/metros and I'm fit enough to walk if that's everyone's pleasure.
* I'm an omnivore with no special dietary concerns, so I can be brought to pretty much any kind of eating/drinking establishment (although I'm pretty budget-conscious).

(We've picked a time and place, w00t)

And I mean it when I say that my French skills are kind of pathetic. I only took 3 years of French language classes in an American school system, and was also handicapped by the fact that I had an Acadian grandmother, so I sound like a Quebecois toddler.
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Awesome! I'll be back from England on the 28th, the 29th or 30th are the best for me. I am working 9-6 these days so evening?
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I'm actually going to be in Paris - I'll be back on the 28th - I'll likely be working, but evenings of the 29th or 30th would work for me
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There's a really good brasserie across from Gare de Lyon, Aux Cadrans, which in spite of the mere 3 stars there has the best price-quality-service ratio I've experienced so far. (To get better you have to pay more, but really, their stuff is great for the price range.) Homecooked, lots of choice, and gigantic homemade profiteroles omg. They're fine with groups too, that's how I first met the place.

I'll be on holiday during that period (in Paris) so any time is fine.
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Trying not to threadsit this too much just yet, but - it's sounding like the evening of the 29th or 30th would work for all. Suits me fine too.

And there's been one venue suggestion - any others?

(Also - if y'all can think of a way to get my AirBnB host to actually RESPOND to my email trying to confirm? I'm gettin' a little worried....)
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Honestly, I'd recommend looking into another host. Response time for hosts is a big criterion on AirBnb.
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I actually already booked the room, and he was very responsive then. But he's not answering now.
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Cancel that AirBnB issue - the guy wrote back and said his email was being weird, and gave me another point of contact and we're fine now.

So back to the matter at hand! I'll let everyone have the floor for a few more days with other ideas, and if there ain't none I'm just picking a day and going with the suggestion we've had. Watch this space.
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I feel it is my solemn duty to warn you since an international trip is at stake.

Is your host still going through AirBnb messaging or did they tell you to contact a different address that's outside the AirBnb system?
- you are only protected by AirBnb insurance if messages go through their system (ditto for the host, thus why it would be yellow flag territory that they tell you to go a different way)
- it's easy for a host to update their email address with the system if they're really having issues with it
- this is a pretty classic move towards something shady

Take it as you will.
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He already listed a phone number in his profile.

He messaged me to re-confirm my reservation, and said he'd be there to meet me with the keys in hand. he offered another means of contact "if you have any other questions." So it sounded like "if you need to reach me, this may be an easier way, otherwise we're good to go as far as I'm concerned".
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I'm happy with Aux Cadrans since it's not too far from where I live - 29th or 30th work equally well for me
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Alright, I'mma call it - December 30th, at 7 pm at Aux Cadrans. Let me know if that time works, I think I can adjust it.
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This is double the last meetup me and motdiem had 2.5 years ago! Can't wait to meet you two.
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Good for me!

Looking forward to finally meeting you all!
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I am safely in Paris and safely in the room, and my Airbnb host turned out to be this adorable kid in his 20s who started letting out his bachelor apartment when he moved in with his girlfriend. And I successfully conducted four conversations in French yesterday despite having had no sleep, so I am feeling generally indestructible.
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Awesome! Today is my last day in England after 10 lovely days.
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Just reserved a table for four at 7pm tomorrow (30 December), it's all good! I wanted to reserve as "metafilter" but my own family name is tricky enough for French speakers, so if you get there before me, it's reserved under Stevenson.
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Parfait !
See you all tomorrow
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Thanks Fraula! See you all tonight.
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Running 10-15 minutes late sorry
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Merci beaucoup! It was great to meet you all, and whee I got to get to a part of Paris I might not have done otherwise.

Ellie and motdiem, do consider floating an NYC meetup when you're in town next month - or, if not, there is a place near me I can drag you to (I know the owners, so while they may not have shots of calvados, they may spontaneously do a round for the table).

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Such a fun evening!
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Really enjoyed meeting all of you!
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This was great!

Here's the parismarket site/podcast I mentionned.
And the Lafayette Gourmet in Haussman if you're looking for macarons or chocolate

Thanks fraula for the restaurant - great choice!

Have a wonderful end of 2015 all of you.
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