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Sat December 12 at 7:00 PM, AMC Rosedale
1024 Rosedale Shopping Center, Roseville, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
You guys. There are so many good movies coming out this month that I can't choose. So unless someone feels strongly about seeing something serious, I choose this one.
2nd Saturday at the Rosedale AMC as per usual. We'll hammer out a time sometime after Wednesday that week (preferably back to the evening -- that afternoon slot was weird).

Meet by the chairs outside the arcade.
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Yeah! Good choice! I'll be there!
posted by triggerfinger at 6:39 AM on December 2, 2015

I really want to make it to one of these but this looks like it will have me sleeping with the lights on until February...
posted by Flannery Culp at 7:06 PM on December 2, 2015

This is not really my kind of movie, but if you're doing dinner before/after I'd join in for that!
posted by a car full of lions at 9:00 PM on December 4, 2015

Hey, would you guys be interested in seeing The Secret in Their Eyes instead? The original Argentinian version was AMAZING.
posted by triggerfinger at 3:23 PM on December 5, 2015

Also, it's not a horror movie, for the non-horror fans among us. :)
posted by triggerfinger at 3:24 PM on December 5, 2015

I'd be up for that instead!
posted by sparklemotion at 5:46 PM on December 5, 2015

I don't want to hijack the thread but triggerfinger encouraged me to post this -- as long as we're throwing around movie suggestions, I'm looking forward to seeing Creed, which has actually got really good reviews and is directed by the guy who made the amazing Fruitvale Station.
posted by a car full of lions at 3:50 PM on December 6, 2015

I am up for whatever the group wants to see! I love pretty much all movies!
posted by triggerfinger at 4:12 PM on December 6, 2015

The kid saw Krampus this weekend and reports that there are a lot of jump scares but not much gore.
posted by Flannery Culp at 7:59 AM on December 7, 2015

Ok. Because of [reasons], I would rather not see Creed. But, if that's what people want the most, we should do it.

Here are the evening options for AMC Rosedale this Saturday:
Brooklyn 7:10pm
Creed 6:20pm, 7:40pm
The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Part 1 7:30pm
In the Heart of the Sea: 7pm, 8pm
Krampus 7:20pm, 8:20pm
The Night Before 7:50pm
The Peanuts Movie 6pm
Spotlight 6:40pm
(left off Spectre and The Martian as they were previous MSP Movie Club selections)

Please vote in the comments with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for movie and timeslot, and I'll try to collate them into a choice.

My vote:
1. The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Part 1 7:30pm
2. Krampus 7:20pm
3. In the Heart of the Sea: 7pm
posted by sparklemotion at 3:31 PM on December 8, 2015

I love the hunger games and am down for any of those!
posted by triggerfinger at 11:21 AM on December 9, 2015

Sorry for complicating things. I think I am really out of sync with the rest of the movie club this time around, so I'll drop out and let y'all pick the movie you want to see. No worries! See you next time!
posted by a car full of lions at 5:25 PM on December 9, 2015

I am not super into krampus, but I would be interested in either the hunger games or in the heart of the sea.
posted by heurtebise at 8:24 AM on December 11, 2015

So it sounds like everyone is in favor of the hunger games at 7:30?

heurtebise, it will be good to see you again! :)
posted by triggerfinger at 8:57 AM on December 11, 2015

Yes! I will be there.
posted by heurtebise at 3:53 PM on December 11, 2015

Too much holiday stuff to take care of this weekend. Have fun!
posted by Flannery Culp at 6:07 AM on December 12, 2015

Hunger games at 7:30 sounds great. I won't be able to do dinner before, so meet at 7:15ish?
posted by sparklemotion at 9:13 AM on December 12, 2015

I will aim to be there by 7.15, if not earlier!
posted by triggerfinger at 10:17 AM on December 12, 2015

I've been meaning to get out to one of these, and still haven't seen the last Hunger Games, so this works out well. Looking forward to meeting you all.
posted by yuwtze at 4:40 PM on December 12, 2015

I am here - standing by the inside entrance
posted by heurtebise at 5:15 PM on December 12, 2015

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