Quite possibly the end of an era
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Wed December 2 at 5:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
The Blue Frog is shutting down in January and there's a pretty good chance the owners will have alienated the staff so much that everyone will throw in the towel before then, so this might be the last First Wednesday. If you've ever been, you'll want to join us this time. If you've never been, you must join us this time.
Goat first, as usual. We might head to the Frog a bit earlier just to lock things down early, so latecomers be aware.
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Holy hell. This is not true.

But it is true which makes it the worst.
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I have tickets to a show this night, but it's a fairly early one so we may try to head down to the frog afterwards.
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I promise this night will be memorable.
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ermagerd ernd erv ern erra?
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Can someone who knows more of the story fill in those of us who don't? What happened?
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The building was sold for condos. The Frog is expected to close mid-January, but there's a high likelihood most of the staff we know and love will be gone before then.

The Goat, however, is apparently not going anywhere.
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Is this, like, the longest-running-recurring-meetup? It seems like such a thing deserves a bigger shout out.
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No, the Frog portion of the evening is just something we started to add to the festivities somewhere along the line. It will be mourned, but the Goatups will go on as long as the Chicago Cabal* deems necessary.

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I'm hoping the constellation dress will be done before Wednesday (well, the dress is done, but the jacket is not) because IT GLOWS IN THE DARK.
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Oh well i was just hangin' out on the Internet and then a gmail notification popped up saying "Cortex has MeMailed you and it's the end of an era" and so I full-out panicked for about three seconds.... So thanks for that anyway, Eamon.

I would like to formally apologize to the Cabal for my repeated absence in the last few months and will endeavour strenuously to be in attendance at this event.
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Wow, I was at the very first Frog excursion ever. I remember thinking it was taking forever to get there and wondering where in the hell Eamon was taking us. I am sad I can't come; I would definitely have made it for this.
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Well, might as well lay down my cards now:

jessypie was in Philly last month and asked if I needed anything from Chicago, so of course I had her grab me a bottle of Mal├Ârt so I could continue my efforts to poison the people of this fair city. Anyhoo, over drinks she mentioned that the Frog was closing and I used this moment to spontaneously buy tickets to Chicago on Wednesday. I was gonna show up and not tell anyone I was coming. Whee!

But alas, it is not to be. Work will keep me (and a certain double-undead feline dancer) from attending this historic occasion. Someone please sing Ignition Remix for me and pour out a tiny beer. I will still be making a stealth appearance at an upcoming Goatup, but it will not be this one.
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awwwww, spiffy this is a tragic tale.
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Oh no, Spiffy!
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My heart also stopped when I saw the notification email. Then I breathed a sigh of relief. If I were Catholic I would've crossed myself. That's a cool gesture. Anyhoo I would like to go but I'm out of town. I'm never out of town! :( Have fun.
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I feel obligated to inform everyone that the apocalypse may have already come and gone: there's word that the Frog's liquor license has been suspended. More news when I get it.
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Coming back to this thread after a week is fucking emotional rollercoaster (and I'd just happened to hear about the license suspension already); I'm still taking Thursday off and I'm still making magic happen Wednesday somewhere, somehow, even if we have to stay at the Billy Goat until close.
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You have the best attitude, Mike.
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My trip to Nashville is like that waitress Helen Hunt played in "As Good As It Gets"; it made me want to be a better man.

I realize that in this metaphor I'm gross old Jack Nicholson; that I'm allowing it shows just how serious my commitment is.
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Wait, what? I'd heard rumblings of the Frog closing, but losing its liquor licence (maybe) without a proper goodbye? What a bummer. Almost as big of a bummer as being so close to having a surprise Spiffying, just to have it yanked away as well.
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It's suspended, not lost, but I think the question is whether the owners will bother to make the necessary changes for just a month's worth of business. We'll see.
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ugh ugh ugh :(
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Quick update: repairs were made and they're waiting for an inspector. Should get word by 5pm.
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It's a nail-biter, folks. I don't know if I can't take it.
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"Please, I deserve this" is something I just prayed in that same way I begged and bargained with a higher-power to not fuck shit up when I was a too skinny, too slow kid playing junior high football.
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The Frog is officially a no-go. The usual Goating is in full effect.
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There have to be karaoke cell phone apps, why not commandeer that side of the Goat for remembrance karaoke?
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I am sending my roommate who has just moved to Chicago and will probably be wearing a green monkey hat. Please be kind!
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If the Frog is open tomorrow, we will bee there.
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Bee there or this
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Anyone still checking in--Frog will open tonight (Thursday the 3rd) and at least one of us (who made good decisions last night) will be there around 9:00.
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