Nordic Solstice Brunch III (Return of the Herring!)
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Sun December 20 at 11:00 AM, Vespabelle's Peacock Adjacent Apartment
731 SE 41st Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
It's the almost the solstice which means it's time to celebrate Nordic Style!
edited to add address: look for the Finnish flag in the window of my apartment!

We have once again reached the deepest darkest depths of winter! To ensure the return of the sun, please come to my new place* for a festive Nordic-inspired brunch.

There will be delicious foods (meatballs, open-faced sandwiches, rutabaga casserole, cake and cookies) and drinks (aquavit, strong coffee, douglasfir liqueur and eggnog that has been aging for 2 years now!) and music (the Finns love to Polka, the Swedes love Death Metal and the Danes love pop!)

Open House style brunch, come when you like, and come as you are!

Happy Solstice!
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Yay primordial eggnog!
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I really really really really want to go to this!
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Oh right, you moved! Yes, I am in, and will drag Mr. Rabbit and Kid Rabbit along with me.
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Meatballs are made and in the freezer. The meatballs are egg AND dairy free. (but contain gluten cause something's gotta give.)

Next up: cookie dough including vegan checkerboard cookies!
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We will be a little late, hopefully 1-ish is ok?
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Thanks all for coming! Even with the endless jingling.....
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I forgot how much of a feast you put together for this thing! Winter solstice is my favorite holiday, especially this far north, and I really love spending the darkest day of winter with lots of people being festive. There was so much sunshine in that apartment!

AND I learned about jingle rock bell. I always thought of mefi music as "that place where they keep the song about the buttered cat" but it turns out there's other music there!
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