New to Ottawa: board games
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Sun November 22 at 5:00 PM, Monopolatte
640 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6C6, Canada (Map & Directions)
I recently moved to your beautiful city and I don't really know anyone. Would anyone like to hang out with me this month?
I haven't explored the city much so I'm not sure what venue or activity to suggest. Boardgames? Food? I'm open to lots of things. If it involves food, some place vegan-friendly would be nice.
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Some options below. The last meetup was at The Loft and I liked it :)

The Loft - board games, food, drinks
The Blurry Pixel - video games, food, drinks
House of Targ - pinball/arcade, food, drinks, loud
Monopolatte - board games, food, coffee
The Manx - quiet pub, delicious food, great drinks
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The Loft has a good game selection, is very central, and is pretty decent for vegetarians but unfortunately has fewer vegan options. Monopolatte has at least one specifically vegan dish available, but is a little further out from the core. The Manx has a nice atmosphere but fewer vegetarian possibilities and zero or so vegan dishes on the menu. I do not know the other venues personally.

For what it's worth, I will be in Ottawa myself in about a week and a half, so the 22nd/23rd/24th are all good for me.
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I still live across the river, and I would be interested.
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These are great suggestions, thanks! The Loft and Monopolatte are equally appealing (and it looks like they each have one vegan option, along with drinks.) Does anyone have a preference? I can easily reach either location.

ricochet biscuit, the 22nd works for me (I definitely can't make it on the 23/24th). Does this work for others? Afternoon? Evening?
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I'm new-ish to the area and I'll be out of town for the next 2 weeks, but I'd be SO down to do any kind of boardgame/food/caffeine related activities if there is a recurrence!
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I can't do that weekend but am also up for a recurrence.
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Huh, I'll be in Ottawa from the 22-28 and could potentially make this. Targ is a great place for this kind of thing, and among loft vs monopolatte I'd personally prefer centretown over byward market.
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Ok, then let's go to Monopolatte! I'll update the details.
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I'm down for future gaming and non-gaming meetups.
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2:00 is mighty early for me (specifically, I suspect at 2:00 PM I will be sitting in the departure lounge of an airport 500 km away). I imagined something in the evening.

I can check the the thread when I arrive in Ottawa, but I am unlikely to be there before 5:00 or so.
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Later is fine. I've updated the time to 5:00 pm.
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Cool! I have a meeting in the area but I don't know how late it will go. Hopefully I can make it, the last meetup I made it to was great fun!
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At a conference today! Have "maybe"d myself. In case I dont see you, hope everyone has a great time!
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I'll have a sign that reads "Mefi". See you all soon! Hope to see you, too, betafilter!
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On my way.
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Great to meet all of you tonight! Much fun was had, and I would say you were all dressed well.
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