Kansas City, I'd love to meet you!
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Sat November 7 at 5:00 PM, Bar Louie
8600 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Kansas City Mefites, I'm in town for work and would love to meet y'all while I'm here. Is anyone free to meet this Saturday the 7th or the morning of Sunday the 8th? I'm open to meeting wherever. Update: 5pm Bar Louie, Zona Rosa!
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Welcome to KC! As far as I know right now, I'm free anytime from now through the weekend. I can't really suggest a place because I'm relatively new to the area. I'd just end up looking online, which anyone could do.
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 9:06 PM on November 4, 2015

I'd love to, but I've got some obligations going on this weekend in my town of Leavenworth (about 45 min away). It's a long shot, but if you end up passing through here I could potentially, depending on our schedules, hang out!
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vegartanipla, I'm actually coming from Maryville on Saturday morning so if there's a place halfway convenient to you on the roads between Maryville and KC, cool. If not, I totally understand.

Ivan Fyodorovich, thank you! I'm out by the airport so have no problem going to the 'burbs or into the city. I'll take a look later this afternoon and see if there's a place recommended on Yelp etc. (KC folks, suggestions most welcome!).
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I'm up by the airport, actually, so maybe something at Zona Rosa?
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So Saturday from 10am to around 5:30pm I'm participating in an art sale which is part of the weekend obligations issue. I'm afraid that means Saturday morning is out. If you guys are able to do Zona Rosa on Sunday morning, though, I could swing that as long as I can get back to Leavenworth by noon - but I totally understand if you'd prefer doing that at a different time in which case have fun and perhaps next time!
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We've got three maybes, although I think I'm pretty solid for anything tomorrow. I imagine that librarylis will post soon today, but I was thinking that maybe Saturday evening would be best? I'm not personally thrilled about something Sunday morning, and I wonder if it might be inconvenient for other people, but on the other hand it would work for vegartanipla and, after all, librarylis specifically mentioned Sunday morning. Sunday's actually my birthday, but I only have (tentative) plans for the afternoon and evening.
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Sorry for a late response, y'all. I'm here for a conference and it's been intense.

Saturday is better for me so I'm going to say that should be the day. Sorry to miss you, vegartanipla.

I'm relatively flexible as to time so either Saturday afternoon or evening would be fine. Zona Rosa is totally fine by me -- I've already been there by coincidence and it's an easy drive.

As soon as we've got a time, I'm happy to confirm this event and make it official.
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There's a couple of "maybes" who haven't written here, yet, and depending upon where they might be coming from, some times might be better than others. With traffic or whatever. For me, who is right by Zona Rosa, it doesn't really matter.
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Lurker-maybes, any thoughts? It's coming down to the wire.
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Ok, I'm going to call it because I've got to get on the road back to KC. Ivan Fyodorovich, whichever time in the evening works best for you, I'll make that the official meetup time and lurkers and random kind strangers alike are welcome.
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Okay, I was thinking 5PM at the Bar Louie's at Zona Rosa. That's not the most interesting place, probably, but it's a grill pub and therefore versatile for this purpose.

If it's just the two of us, librarylis, we probably won't have too much trouble finding each other (I'll send you a memail), but maybe whoever gets there can leave word at the front door (if there is such a person) for the possibility of others joining? Actually, anyone could just memail me, too.
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That works for me! If it's a meetup of two, that still counts and if other folks can make it as well, even better. See y'all at 5!
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Aw, man, I just saw this; this week has just been too damned busy, and I probably would have fallen asleep midway through a drink anyway. Sorry I missed out, though.
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