hey Philadelphia i heard you like boardgames?
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Sun November 15 at 1:00 PM, Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
It's been far too long since the last Philly Metafilter board game meetup! Let's fix that.
Ideally we'll be able to find a day in November that works for as many people as possible, but realistically this might get pushed into early December.

As usual, Frankford Hall is the default choice for venue, but if there's someplace else people are excited to try, or that's more easily accessibly for a greater number of people, we can always switch it up.
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as usual, sundays around 1pm work best for me, whatever day we do pick we should confirm with frankford hall since they've been closing for private events more frequently lately it seems.
posted by TheAdamist at 4:30 AM on November 2, 2015

Sounds great, Sunday afternoon works for me as well. I just bought Perudo and Ticket to Ride Asia if we want to play those games.
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Good point about the scheduling. I'll check in with Frankford Hall and see if there are any afternoons that are off limits.
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OK, I just got off the phone with Frankford Hall and barring any last-minute bookings, Sundays in November should be fine.

Any days that are off limits for potential attendees?
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It might be too short notice, but this sunday would be awesome for us.

Barring that, we can probably swing the 15th or 22nd.
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OK, cool. I can do any of those days myself, though the 22nd might be a little close to Thanksgiving for some people.

Does anyone else have a preferred weekend?
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Oh, and one more thing I'd like to try- if/when we get a date nailed down, we can keep using the thread for chat about what games people are bringing, want to bring, are interested in, whatever. I'm going to make sure my BoardGameGeek profile and list is up to date, too- it's linked in my MeFi profile.
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OK, I'm going to tentatively set this up for the 15th. If that doesn't work for anyone, please post here and we'll see if the 22nd is better.
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We'll be there!
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Maybe I'll remember to bring my casual kickstarted game, "these french fries are terrible hot dogs"
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Go for it- right now all I've got in my bag for sure are Monikers, the expansion Monikers Schmonikers, and Funemployed. AND DARKNESS AND CASUAL SOCIAL GAMES AND KICKSTARTER HELD ILLIMITABLE DOMINION OVER ALL
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I'm at our usual table to the left of the entrance
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We are running late - will be more like 1:30. Dang Verizon store taking forever.
posted by lazaruslong at 9:47 AM on November 15, 2015

No worries. See you then!
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We moved to the far right as you come in to get away from the Eagles game
posted by Merzbau at 10:04 AM on November 15, 2015

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