Did You Get the Sizzle 2: The Return of the Curse of the Billy Goat
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Wed November 4 at 5:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
IF the Cubs make it to the World Series and IF the World Series makes it to game 7, it will all happen at the Goat. Our Goat. The first Wednesday in November strikes again. We are the chosen ones. Well, poop.
It will either be a regular day for us, or us plus news crews plus everyone in Chicago who is not actively setting things on fire. Yay!

p.s. MCMikeNamara remember that time you said you'd take the day off work to stake out our tables? GOOD LUCK, WE'RE ALL COUNTING ON YOU
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Mike if you can also lock all the TVs in the bar to NBC so we can catch Wheel of Fortune, that would be cool.
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Good luck MCMikeNamara! We're pulling for you!
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game 7 will never ever in a million years ever happen and I resent the implication and implore you guys to think of JINXES OH MY GOD but if it does I will be the ginger in face paint that everyone is actively ignoring
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To clarify, McMikeNamara, we are still on your side.
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I am sorry the Cubs lost but I can't even begin to tell you how glad I'm not going to be camping out on a table all day. Can you imagine how much greasy food and alcohol I would have used to pass the time? SO MUCH.
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I have Thursday off. In fact, all three last first Thursdays are holidays in my calendar.

Goddamn Last First Wednesdays.
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Mike, I just wanted to say good luck, we're all counting on you.
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I don't work Thursday! I don't work Thursday! I'm so excited that I keep thinking I don't work tomorrow either.
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My company should be sending a donation to Metafilter, or more specifically y'all, because I am in a horrible mood without cause but knowing this is tonight means I will be less horrible to people all day.
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There must be some way to requisition a purchase order for the first round, at least.
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Having a day. Will meet y'all at the Frog.
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I got a reminder that said " Shark Tank sisters what's up" so stay tuned for the result of that tomorrow.
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for phunniemee (or anyone else looking to mentor young women).
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I enjoyed this. we should do it again.
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So Shark Tank reruns air on CNBC on Tuesday nights, which is what we saw the last bit of with the identically styled but not quite lookalike women last night (for those of you who were not at our end of the table)

CNBC does not air episodes in order and it's also not super easy to find listings for past TV. But I'm stubborn once something gets put on my to-do list.

11/15/2013, Reality, Business
A California entrepreneur pushes a home security tool, while two sisters pitch a home delivery service that offers children's toys; a successful salsa maker needs national backing; three Michigan men pitch an app for creating virtual goods.

So they were sisters after all.

Their pitch:

PITCH: Surprise Ride
About the Company:
Surprise Ride designs activity boxes that foster a lifelong love of learning. It takes a minute to join and makes the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. The company was founded by two sisters who grew up in a creative home. Each month, riders receive a themed box full of supplies and goodies to explore a fun new topic. From the wonder of photography to the world of chocolate, Surprise Ride is on a mission to feed people's natural curiosities. Welcome aboard the ride !
LEARN MORE: Visit www.surpriseride.com

So now you know. I'm glad I came to work today so that I could take care of such important issues.
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