NYC, we are coming to visit YAY
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Tue October 6 at 6:00 PM, East Village Social
126 St Marks Pl, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Me and chrismear are coming to stay for a few days and he's told me that NYC mefites are rad.
We're open to suggestions about where, the only criteria being good food and good beer. We're staying at 700 East 9th Street 24, so somewhere not too far off there would be awesome!
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We can have another sophie's meetup! like this one

It had cheap pitchers of beer.
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I would be happy to go back to Sophie's but I'd find it a stretch to call it "good beer."
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After the second pitcher of PBR I don't think we minded :D. I missed the "good beer" qualifier.

East Village Social is also pretty cheap (happy hr until 8pm! and good beer and food), and if you want good food AND outdoorsy space, Royale is delicious and cheap.
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I notice that the East Village Social has a mac n cheese which contains three separate cheeses. I notice it also has a thing called a "bucket o bacon".

I'm not sure this discussion needs to go any further to be honest. Chris? You know better than to argue with me about cheese-related things, right?
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Take me to your bacon leader.
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Aw, crap. I've got concert tickets that night.
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We were talking about the possibility of being in the middle of the hurricane last night, and agreed that if we were going to be in the middle of NYC in a hurricane/apocalypse (English people don't do extreme weather) that it would be best done in the company of mefites.
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When are you arriving? It looks like the rain will be over with by Saturday, so by Tuesday you should be in the middle of a bunch of "This was nothing compared to [last worst storm]" story swapping mefites.
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I am 100% down for exchanging storm war stories until your ears start bleeding. WEATHER IS AWESOME.

also I have prior Mefi Hurricane stories so I feel very strongly about hurricanes intersecting with Metafilter.
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I'm not going to be there but SOPHIES IS SO RAD
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Yay for 'bucket o bacon' day - I don't leave work until 6, so, I expect I'll get to East Village Social after 6:30. Greenish & chrismear, hope your trip has been going well so far.
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This is happening at East Village Social, right? Also, how late do people plan on staying?
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I should be there between 6-6:30 (EVS isn't really busy until about 8-9pm btw- so we should be able to colonize some tables in the back with no effort). I'm probably going to head home by 7:30-8ish though; I've got stupidly early morning meetings tomorrow (UGH WHY 7AM? WHO DID THIS TO ME?).
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We're well looking forward to meeting everyone shortly - should be there 6pm sharp and will be in it for the long run for anyone who can't make it til later :)
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Sorry I had to duck out early. Good to see/meet you all!
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