Meet me in Chicago 14/15/16 Oct?
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Thu October 15 at 7:30 PM, Map Room Bar
1949 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
A few evening drinks in the Map Room on Thursday 15th.
I'll be in Chicago for four nights in October on leg one of a little US holiday and I'd love to meet some Mefites for a drink!

Happy to take venue suggestions from locals. 14th or 15th would be my preferred dates but again - happy to be flexible to what works best for anyone else.
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Which part of the city are you staying in? It will make a difference in the recommendations people make. The mefichi crowd tends to stick North and West, but I'm sure we could come up with places in other neighborhoods.
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I'm staying downtown (E Ohio Street) but happy to travel a bit to see more interesting neighbourhoods.
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Well, that gives you pretty easy access to most of the city and in and of itself has some nice things to offer. What sort of vibe are you looking for? Howells and Hood is sort of corporate, but the patio is nice for watching the city go by.

If you're looking to get out into the neighborhoods, something on the red or brown L is probably easiest.
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I do like watching cities go by! I suppose the vibe I'd prefer is homey - with good beer.

I've been thinking that I'd like to spend some time just exploring around Wicker Park/Logan Square/Lincoln Square one day. So anywhere around there or right in the centre that fit the homey with good beer criteria would be great. Although really I'm not too bothered about homey.
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Let me put a plug in for easily accessible from the south side!
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Wicker Park/Logan Square/Lincoln Square are cool but I have not lived that way since the early 90's so someone else will have better suggestions than I will. I'm a definite maybe for this week anyway, as I'm still not entirely mobile and it's a maddening work week for me.
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OK, what about The Beer Bistro North? I just realised I may have been interchangeably Googling Lincoln Square/Park but this place looks like it had good beer and is fairly close to a red and brown L stop.

Any preferences on dates?
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I'm iffy that week, but Wednesday is best for me.
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I haven't commented yet because I'm still waiting to find out if I'll be traveling for work that week, but I'd like to join you if I'm around! If I'm in town I have an obligation on the 14th, but I have no plans for the 15th or 16th. I hope to know by early next week about whether I'm traveling in mid-October or not, so I'll update when I know for sure!
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OK, thanks for all the interest and info. Think I'll wait until next week and plans are a bit clearer then pick a date.
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It turns out my travel dates are October 20-23, so I'll be around the week you're in town and can come out on the 15th or 16th!
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Good beer bars that are "homey" are not really something you'll easily find downtown, so I'm going to suggest neighborhood spots. There are lots of good local breweries so most bars in Chicago have a decent craft selection, but here are some specifically known for their beer list and casual vibe:

Hopleaf (Andersonville)
Map Room (Bucktown/Wicker Park)
Quenchers (Logan Square)
Fountainhead (Lincoln Square, also nearish the Half Acre Tap Room which would be a nice place to stop by)
Beermiscuous (bad name, not a bad bar, Lakeview)
Small Bar (Logan Square)
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And misskaz forgot Long Room. Also Bad Apple, which is across the street from Half Acre (but oh jeez the tap room is awful).

Also, Begyle Brewery's taproom is nearish to Long Room.
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Thanks again for all the great suggestions - I'll try and check out some of the other places during the day.

Going to put this down for Map Room because it looks nice and the idea of a travel themed bar while I'm travelling appeals to me. And the 15th (Thursday) because it's a nice mid point to my time in Chicago. Hope you can all make it!
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This is tomorrow!
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This is today!
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It sure is! I've added a pic to my profile so you'll all be able to recognise me. I'll try and be 10 mins early and check in here. Looking forward to it!
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I'll see you all tonight! I was going to say "my picture is in my profile but my hair is shorter now" but instead I just updated it to a picture that is actually current.

Reminder to everyone that the Map Room doesn't have food, so either eat before you come or we can order take-out/delivery from somewhere nearby.
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I'm 80% sure I'm going to be having dinner at Irazu around 6 or so if anyone is interested.
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I am always interested in Irazu!
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Awesome! When I first moved here (1998) and lived around there for a while, I went there all the time but I probably haven't been there in 15 years.
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Is Irazu a definite or still only 80% sure? Any other takers for dinner beforehand?
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It is a definite for me though I may be closer to 6:15.
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If anyone else wants to join us for dinner last minute but wants to tell me first, my number is in my profile.
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Just got here at a table all the way in the back
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