Visting Tokyo/Yokohama
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I will be in staying in Yokohama from October 31st- November 2nd and November 5th-6th. It would be great to meet up with some mefites in Japan. Which days work for people and where is good to meet?
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I'd be interested. What sorts of things did you have in mind? I should be free on any weekend.

If Yokohama is good for you, the Baird Brewery Taproom there has fantastic beer and BBQ, though maybe you're looking for something more Japanese?
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I'll be staying in Yokohama, but I'm probably going to be heading to Tokyo most days I'm there. I'm thinking dinner and/or drinks with people.
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Ok, Yokohama has a number of quality watering holes including not only the Taproom but also a place called Antenna America that, while expensive, has a very good selection of micros.

For Tokyo, there are even more choices depending on where you head, so going to Shibuya vs Ikebukuro, for example, changes things up quite a bit.
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